Interesting development in Ole Miss-Texas A&M

John Gaddis, who I think is Ole Miss’ best reliever, was ejected for throwing at a batter in the ninth inning. It followed back-to-back home runs that put the Aggies ahead 10-5.

Mike Bianco was also ejected because a bench warning had been issued. He’ll be suspended for tomorrow’s game and Gaddis will be suspended for four games, per NCAA rules.

Simply shocking … for such a fine, outstanding program. :scream:

Now we need Ole Miss to not collapse at this point in time and win some of the series against A&M, but this is hilarious. I am torn between guffaws and groans.

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We need OM to win the next 2 games, but badly need them to win one. If A&M sweeps, we can’t win the the west even if we sweep. I’d like to sweep Bama, but it’s not likely. OM has been playing well enough to win this series, but if they’re falling apart, not so much.

We’ll win the West if we sweep. We just may not get the #2 seed. We’re considered co-champs if we tie with the Aggies.

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Yeah. I meant we can’t be outright west champions. We’d be tied & get the 3rd seed. I don’t want that to happen.

I don’t pay attention to if a team splits a division championship. Arkansas split the title in 2018 and 2019. They had the tiebreaker one year and didn’t the other. Both teams received division trophies.

I don’t think there is a lot of difference in a 2 seed or a 3 seed in Hoover. Unless there is a Tuesday upset, you’re going to be opening with an NCAA Tournament team either way.

It’s not so much that I care if we’re co-champs or solo champs. It’s really more that I don’t want A&M sharing it. It’s all I can do to put up with TN being the overall champion.


Does being outright champions vs co-champions have any affect on seeding for the NCAAT? Or doesn’t really matter?

I don’t think it matters in the NCAA Tournament. If all other things are equal, Texas A&M would probably be seeded ahead of Arkansas by the NCAA committee since the Aggies won the head-to-head series, but they have a better resume anyway as of now.

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Just curious. Which SEC teams would you be happy for them to finish ahead of us? Probably none, so which team would you be the least unhappy if they beat us out?

It’s probably a 13 way tie for teams I don’t want to finish ahead of us, but it’s a 6 way tie in the west. I don’t want any of them to finish ahead of us. I most hate Ole Miss. In the east, I least hate KY, Vanderbilt, or UGA.


KY is up 4-0 on Auburn going into the 5th inning.

The guy Ole Miss is throwing tonight is Elliot who is a pretty tough left hander. I think he gives them their best chance this weekend.The guy they threw last night had been pitching incredibly well. He’s the one who beat us and he totally blew LSU away last weekend but Texas AM came out and totally raked him for three runs and five hits in the first inning so we’ll see how Elliott does tonight.

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I just hope the Hogs can get to the starter early and Bama goes to the bullpen early! That could help in game 3.
This time of the year it would be nice for our hogs to get the offense rolling.


It would also be nice to watch a game without being on pins & needles about the outcome. I’d like to jump to an early & large lead & coast to the end.


Yeah that would be awesome but that’s just not the Hogs way of doing things LOL, they must inflict pain and suffering on us and then pull it out at the last second.


Yeah. That seems to be this year’s m.o.

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Or like the A&M loss no outs down 1 have runners on 2nd and 3rd and fail to score! That’s the MO!

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