Interesting description of Norvell's offense.............

…from a Memphis article when he first came to Memphis.

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Sounds like he tailors his offense to his quarterback’s skillset.

I spent the morning going through the coaches on the Memphis staff. There is a sprinkling of SEC ties. Hard to know exactly who he’d bring. He’d have a little more money. I did notice that Darrell Dickey had stayed at Memphis from before. I’m a Darrell Dickey fan. I’ve seen him coach before.

His defensive coordinator coached four years at Alabama as well as the assistant DC at Arizona State with good results. I’m thinking he stays at Memphis as the new head coach and Norvell hires Steve Caldwell to come to Arkansas after four years as assistant head coach at Boise State. That would be a very good hire of a DC who is used to playing with high octane offenses.

Justin Crouse also has an administrative role. He worked for HDN at Arkansas.

I’ll certainly be watching Saturday vs UCF, Clay or anybody more familiar, so Norvell calls his own plays at Memphis?