Interesting day for me yesterday

Started out the day as I do every Thursday, waking up in a hotel 101 miles from Casa SF. Went to work as always. Then it got different.

I’ve mentioned my patient who is an ex-Marine/Auburn fan. He was there yesterday, getting treatment, so I didn’t see him directly. But my staff informed me he wanted to talk to me, and it wasn’t about the NCAA tournament. He needed to tell me that he’s been diagnosed with cancer. Which, other than being terrible news, affects the treatment he’s getting from us, so I made that adjustment. He’ll be getting chemotherapy and radiation from the oncologists. I didn’t get a prognosis from him, but at his age it’s not great regardless.

It was raining and thunderstorming all day in eastern North Carolina, and was still at it when I left work at exactly 5:00. Which gave me 2 hours and 9 minutes to drive those 101 miles home before tipoff. Rain and traffic slowed me down, but I parked at Casa SF at 7:07. By the time I got my stuff (including the dinner I stopped to pick up) and got upstairs, the game had started.

And when I turned on the TV, YouTube TV refused to load. This has happened before; I’d switch to another app like Peacock or whatever, then go back to YTTV in a few minutes, and it would load. Not last night. Fortunately YTTV worked just fine on my laptop, so instead of watching on my big Samsung, I had to watch us beat the Zags on my little HP. (It’s not loading today either; I need to get this figured out before tomorrow).

Has happened to me on occasion on my Samsung’s as well. Sometimes it resolves itself after a bit. Sometimes I have to delete the YouTube TV app, reload, and give my credentials again.

Just about one of the best tech gadgets I’ve ever bought is a lightning to HDMI adapter for my iPhone. For these times when a TV app won’t work, I simply plug my adapter into my phone and the HDMI cable to the TV. I also take that adapter and an HDMI cable whenever the family travels in case we want to watch something not available in guest accommodations.

I can do the HDMI thing too. Before I bought this smart Samsung, that’s what I did – plugged the laptop into the old dumb TV. Didn’t think of that last night. But if this hasn’t resolved by then, it’s plug-in time.

Problem solved, at least for now. Ran some diagnostics on my set, then loaded YTTV and it’s doing just fine.


My YTTV consistently runs about 45 seconds to 1:30 behind what is going on. Game had 1:08 left but ESPN had already showed the hogs winning. :joy:. Been that way since I got it. Sports is the only delay I suffer from. Regular stuff works fine. Got figure.

Sorry to hear about your rough day Swine. I’m sorry to hear about the Marine having cancer!
I’m sure proud our hogs beat the weak minded Zag’s!

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I have a 2015 Sony Bravia. I used to blame apps. I think at 7+ years old the TV is showing her age unfortunately so I’ve turned to blaming her which is usually correct (although disney + seems to have a glitch set all it’s own). It’s obviously bc they are not as simple as they used to be. Now they are computers. Anyway, long story longer, I either force stop the app in settings or if I get mad enough I unplug it for a full reboot. Usually does the trick unless YTTV is having it’s own issues.

Wish I was savvy enough to reload the operating system fresh.

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