Interesting comparison of Campbell and Norvell

…two (thought to be) top Arkansas targets…from an FSU perspective.

Norvell vs. Campbell

Interesting article so thanks for posting. There was not a lot of explanation as to why Norvell and Campbell ended up as the final two and I am left wondering if guys like Franklin said no or if FSU just thought that Norvell and Campbell were their best options? Either would be excellent options for Arkansas and the money difference should have nothing to do with getting the right one.

The scary part of the article was the explanation of how Miami had fallen into obscurity. If FSU is close then Arkansas is squarely in the middle of already being obscure and once that snowball starts rolling it is really hard to stop it.

I believe it was a bracket type thing, where they started with 8 (?) and compared 1 to 8, 2 to 7 and so forth, choosing “winners” along the way, they going to the “next round”. Might be wrong, but that’s the feeling I got.

And I believe it’s one man’s opinion - not a consensus of any type. Just columnist type fodder.