Interesting comments on ESPN just now

The ESPN announcers were talking about Drinkwitz and Napier, and the Arkansas job. This is what Quint Kessenich said:

“Talking to Coach Drinkwitz and Napier this week and again in pregame, they agree with you guys, I think. That Arkansas job is a difficult assignment. If you’re Napier and Drinkwitz, both under 40 - Napier’s 40 and Eliah is 36 - you’re in a great spot right now. You’re building franchises that are going to be successful. I don’t think they’re in a rush to take a job that is maybe more challenging than the one they currently have, and a pay raise that is not going to pay off in the long run.”

Bingo. This is a true dumpster fire that regardless of the choice is going to take a while

I heard it but I’m pretty used to ESPN announcers to saying crap like that.

Problem is, they’re right.

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Yeahp unfortunately that’s what happens after 8 years of incompetency, and program leaders who do not value winning.

We have only been bad for 4 years…we are a complete joke right now.

Might hurt fans to hear, but probably accurate


No mention of Arkansas’ interest in ED, no mention of his Arkansas connections. My impression was that none of them knew anything about Arkansas coaching search beyond surface reporting at ESPN. Not sure what they say means anything significant. They blew into town a day or so ago and had short conversations with both coaches in prep for the game. Can’t imagine either coach would confide in those guys.

We’ve only been bad for 4 years?

We’ve been a national joke for 8 regardless of 3 mediocre seasons mixed in there.

Well one mentioned the opening at Mississippi state also, these guys don’t know much.

It’s a gamble for them and also the university that might hire them.

That’s just not true.

We have finally accomplished the fall! There’s no where to go but up! The question is who is willing to take the chance and risk their career .
We were in better shape when Smiley took over than now!

And when I listened to that, nowhere did I get that those coaches said anything other than the Arkansas job is a difficult assignment. Which it is. But the announcer went on as speculation. Neither Drink or Napier said they are in a better spot now.

That’s ridiculous…too much time for so-called analysts to have diarrhea of the mouth…when they are on for hours and run out of things to say, they just start babbling.

Pay raise not worth it? Worked out nicely for Chad Morris and. CBB. They never have to work again.

It’s about $. Pay it they take the job — just saw proof in Kiffin — went to Ole Miss because they paid more, not complicated. A K-5 grad can understand it.

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Drink reached out to Steve Cox to lobby hard for the job. Told him both Boston College and Ole Miss had reached out to gauge his interest but that Arkansas was a dream job. He knew Cox from his time in JOnesboro working for A State.

He was interviewed and did a fantastic job.

If he’s telling the ESPN guys he’s not interested then he was told by Arkansas he’s not an option.

How is it not?

Motorcycle wreck.
Giant hire of Bielema- turns out completely mediocre
Many stories to go with bielema
Get played by Malzahn
Hire Chad Morris - one of the worst FBS team in the country for 2 years
Get beat out for a coach by Ole Miss…

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Also remember those announcers are preaching to the choir. Most watching that game are ULL and App State fans or SunBelt fans. They enjoyed those comments whether accurate or not.

Got played by Kiffin and Sexton.

I heard the announcers. He did not say he wasn’t interested. In fact, the announcers didn’t even quote him as saying it was a difficult job. They summarized that was the thinking of both Drink and Napier. And maybe it is. It’s accurate that it is a difficult job because Bert and Morris dug a hole.