Interesting comment from new AD..................

…“The protection coaches are provided in their contract is ludicrous.” He also said that Kevin Sumlin receiving all of his remaining contract after being terminated at A&M was a mistake. He said that losing too many football games was justifiable “cause” for termination.

Those are tough statements that have to be aimed at Jimmy Sexton during Morris’ contract negotiations that are ongoing.

I assume “you cannot have your cake and eat it too” when it comes to coaching contracts. If you want to make it hard for a coach to leave when he wants to then you have to make it hard to fire him without extreme cause. Seems like if you want one side of that coin you have to give on the other side. Interesting.

I also found those statements interesting but true.

If athletic programs keep paying that money to coaches without results wired to their contracts, the ship of college athletics will sink. And here is my reasoning, the TV money is going to decrease with all of the new avenues for viewing.

As I stated in another thread about the AD’s presser, I like him a lot - good first impression. However, on this particular issue, did anyone else find it awkward that he called out the Aggies over paying Sumlin, when we are essentially doing the same thing with Bielema?

Anti-disparagement clause in severance agreement prevented him from making a direct tie. I suspect you will see relaxation of the non-compete clause, and reduced buyout terms on our new hire.