Interesting comment about Wallace

"Brian Wallace said A&M’s defensive ends came over after the game and told him how well he played. "

I wonder who the players were?

Don’t think he played terrible for his first start

Me either. He did drop off late in the game which was his knock from pre-season - conditioning can be an issue. I know OL are supposed to be big, but he has some “bad weight” IMO. No question in my mind he is better than Jackson.

If you had told me we’d only give up one sack against Garrett and Hall and would gain 491 yards, I would have really liked our chances. AA took way too many hits, of course, but the bigger issue, as we all know, was our inability to punch it in when we got inside the 10. And the defense imploding in the last 17 minutes. Garrett had three tackles for the game; Hall had four.

If you remember, we had problems punching it in last year too, with a decidedly better OL. No idea why, just sayin…

You know the snap count, the defense does not. You can bench press a ton. Makes no sense that we cannot make a yard on four plays.

The field and space becomes extremely short and tight at the goal line, The Dline only needs to stack up the LOS, giving the LB’s the ability to come behind them to fill any void and make the tackle.

Quick play action at the goal line with the TE slipping off his block has been a staple of the Enos offense. Especially with a leaping 6’-6" athlete named Sprinkle. But???

He definitely outplayed Skipper, who had a very bad night.

11 guys in the box was only possible because we had a two tight end power alignment. We had fewer blockers than crashing defenders. I love Enos. He is arguably the least second guessable OC we have ever had.

Still Saturday night was very second guessable in a couple of situations.

Jimbeau77: I know right! I told my wife: watch the TE or one of these backs slip into the flat or back of the endzone on the second goalline play, but we tried the QB sneak again! That doesn’t resemble the playcalling I’ve become accustomed to from Enos. On the next play (the end-around), I thought there was a hole if we cut it inside off the tackle - could’ve been more a lack of execution than poor playcalling on that one…

The two players I saw talking to him were Garrett and Mack

I hated the call, I would have snuck it again.

On the other hand, I kind of understand the call. You have to self-scout, and we have been awfully dependent on TEs in tough red zone situations the last year or so. A & M had to be thinking TE or another QB sweep like we have used to beat TCU and Ole Miss in the last year.