Interesting Chavis Comments....

I get all of that Jackson, but my point in part of that was we didn’t have problems running the ball and scoring points last year.

There is talent on this team. Square peg in round hole. That looked apparent on the O line last week.

There is talent. But not nearly enough. We are severely under talented. Easily one of the least talented over all teams in the league.

The least talented Oline in the SEC, that is 100% on your guy Bret, or maybe you are Bret as you seem like a disgruntled ex-employee the way you jump to complain about everything and quickly harass the new staff when they haven’t had enough time to prove anything 1 way or the other.

It may take some awhile to see it, but IMO we have as brilliant a coach as you will find in the NCAA.

Having the players wear all white to fight the heat, who thinks of that? Somebody very smart, that’s who.

I looked up some of the courses he had to take to get a math degree at TAM-anybody here take differential equations, calculus III, etc. Think back to college-what majors were the really smart people-math.

So if he is going plain vanilla, I have to figure he has a well thought reason for it. And I bet the running game gets fixed. I’m looking for 200 yards rushing next game.

The talent level will rise quickly. There were some who doubted – and one of them is in this thread – the ability of this coach and this staff to recruit. I don’t think there is any question they will get better players at Arkansas than have been there in awhile. The emphasis on recruiting is huge. There isn’t a thing that happens with this staff that isn’t touched by remembering how it will help or hurt recruiting.

Well…we didn’t have trouble scoring points this past Saturday either. Scored more against EI than the 2017 team scored against Florida A&M (Apples to apples ). As for running the football this team struggled badly last year in several games. First time Bielema did not have a 1000 yard rusher. This was because the OL did not perform well and is lacking SEC talent and depth.

As memory serves, we rushed for 133 net yards against Missouri and 98 net yards against Mississippi State (last two games) last season. I would say that hardly qualifies as not having a problem running the ball.

Yeah I was out after that we couldn’t run the ball at all last year compared to where we had been, which is the reason we went 4-8.

I think the offense is not confident about this system, yet. Add in the first game jitters and some of these young guys playing in front of a big crowd for the first time, it’s understandable they would mess up some of the execution of plays. I suspect we will see improvement each game forward.

We have experience and talent issues at Oline for sure but confidence is a BIG issue as you state. We went from one of the slowest ball control offenses in CFB to one of the FASTEST. The offense is drastically different.

This is not your normal coaching change because the whole program scheme was turned upside down…and needed to be.

Arkansas has won 5 of its last 15 games.

I have not seen one person claiming the Razorbacks are going to be that good this year either.

Only one person is trying to fully lay that at the feet of a staff that has coached one game here.

That person has an agenda and lacks objectivity about that new coach because he was not that guy’s choice.

Chad Morris may indeed fail here. That’s easily admitted by most objective observers.

But he also may succeed if the 2019 recruiting class is a indicator - albeit the OL recruiting is not where it needs to be.