Interesting call

If any of you are watching MSU-Bama you saw it. Young was hit right at the sideline going out of bounds. A flag was thrown, then quickly overruled because the hit was obviously inbounds and legal. The commentators were nonetheless incensed because the defender outweighed Young by 50 pounds and could have hurt the golden boy. It recalled the play a couple of weeks ago that we well remember when KJ was shoved into equipment cabinets and those commentators thought it was all part of the game. Double standard, much?

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That’s not what a I heard. I heard it was a massive hit and looked bad but because it was inbounds it was ok. I didn’t hear incensed. And that was coming from Greg. I don’t see the double standard.

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As with KJ, a runner can elect to go into a slide at any time to avoid a hit. If you are outweighed by 50 pounds there are two things you should understand, the rules and physics. He could have taken a sharp right earlier and given up a yard or two and missed some impact or slid sooner with same effect, but chose to continue on course to colide with a massive object. His choice. Legal hit. We discussed the legality of the hit with KJ. I added incensed for dramatic effect, but they clearly felt the defender shouldn’t have hit him. The discussion on this board seemed to come down on the side of when you get a chance for a solid legal hit, take it. I remember watching us play Alabama years ago and seeing their DB savagely attacking our receivers when balls were dropped or overthrown and wondering why we didn’t respond in the same manner (we didn’t). This was in the pre-targeting years. So as long as we can get a hit legally that will take one out of the gsme, I’m all for it. I know they are coached to do the same.

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Well said.

Thank you. It morphed into kind if a rant. :rofl:

I will note here that there was always discussion that because of the size of Cam Newton, the refs tended to not throw the flags the same way when he was hit versus say other NFL QBs. Cam himself complained about that on more than one occasion.

Perhaps KJ will experience some of that due to his size and refs thinking well he is a big guy he can take more. I do not think that is fair at all, but I have seen it in the Cam situation so it would not surprise me for KJ.

BTW please don’t say that I’m saying KJ is equal to Cam… just saying they have similar statures.

He has been compared to Cam frequently by commentators because of his running ability and size. He has a way to go yet in overall consistency and skill. :crossed_fingers:

He had a bad day as QB. Made too many poor decisions. He had a lot on company in that regard. Do officials have some unnatural love for Auburn or a dislike for Arkansas? Maybe both.

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