Interesting bubble note

Vandy has 14 losses. At-large teams have gotten in with 14 losses before, although it’s rare. But for Vandy to get an at-large bid, they must lose in the tournament at some point, possibly to us on Saturday. So Vandy would then be in position to be the first 15-loss team to get an at-large bid in Dance history. I think they’ll get it, with 5 top 50 wins (including us), which would be 6 if they play us because that would mean they’d beaten Florida again.

If they beat Florida again, there’s no way you can leave them out. They have like the #2 SOS. And would have beat a top 5 RPI team, 3 times. They’ll be the first 15 win team to get in if they can do that. If they lose their first game in the tournament to TAM, I think they miss. If they beat TAM and lose to FL, I’m honestly not sure which direction the committee will go in.

My sense is that Vandy is in now. Definitely if they beat A&M on Thursday. They have 10 top-100 wins, they’ve played a brutal schedule (23 top-100 games out of 31) and they’ve played well enough away from Memorial Gym.

I hope Vandy gets in. It will also help the SEC and if it helps the SEC it will help our hogs.
There are a lot of teams on the bubble that can’t match Vandy’s top 100 wins.

Was just watching CBS inside college basketball, they had Jerry Palm on talking about Vanderbilt. He finally acknowledged them on his bubble. Has them as the second team on the last 4 out. He says they need 3 wins in the conference tournament to get in. It’s hilarious he refuses to give any SEC team any props. I don’t see how 2 games doesn’t get Vandy in for sure. One of the guys on the panel was arguing with him that 1 win gets them in.

Just looked up the resumes of Wake Forest and Vandy. Wake has three top 50 wins. Vandy has five. Wake’s best win was Louisville at home; Vandy swept Florida. Both teams have five wins against 51-100. Vandy has one bad loss, to Misery; Wake has none. Vandy has the better road/neutral record, and the better SOS, although both schedules were very tough. It may well be that both WF and VU get in (and maybe even play each other in Dayton), but if it were one or the other, Vandy has the better case IMO.