Interesting bowl projection

Stewart Mandel at The Athletic projects us to Las Vegas (which IIRC is now an SEC bowl every other year) against Utah. Very early game (Dec. 17) but I think a few people would book Allegiant flights out of XNA to visit the stadium named for that airline.

If that happens, I hope we have better results than the last time out here. That was embarrassing. We looked futile and inept. Still haven’t lived it down.

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I think Arkansas is probably going to be in the mix for the group of six bowls, of which Las Vegas is one.

I still hope for at least 8 wins and a bowl commensurate with that kind of season. Still haven’t given up on 9 wins. Every remaining game will be difficult, but none are against a team we can’t beat, especially at home.

In my view 3 of the 4 are tossups at best and the Missouri game is a should win but not as big a “should” as I thought a couple weeks ago.

I think Missouri is a better team than Liberty.

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Well now you got me worried about all 4!! :grimacing:

Athlon can try so hard to be wierd to generate clicks, but they now have Moo U in Vegas and us in Texas Bowl

Jerry Palm has us in Gator and Florida in LV bowl.

DRatings has SC in LV and us in Citrus

College Football News (which does weekly projections so you can track their changes if you wish)
has MsState in LV bowl and us in Gator Bowl

there are more, but no one has us in frozen Liberty or Brimingham. and to quote 5 man Electric lyrics to Signs " Thank you, Lord, for thinkin’ ‘bout me. I’m alive and doin’ fine." Give me no Liberty, not this week and not December in Memphis.

Folks must be thinking we are gonna win our to get these projections and we do have the talent and I will be happy to get there and just outscore em all.

So do you still think Missouri is a better team than Liberty?

Liberty was better than I thought, but I still think Missouri is probably a better team.

If we’re healthy, I think we win the Missouri game by something like 24-17 or 28-17. Their defense is legit, but they struggle offensively despite having a decent RB and two pretty good receivers.

Having said that, mental state may be a factor if LSU and Ole Miss put the britches on us.

That’s my fear.

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