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And thus lies the problem with kicking Mike out of Fayettville. Just like in football there are a handful of coaches that would be a sure thing to bring us to the promised land again. And none of those would give us a second thought. Hiring the next up and comer is a crap shoot.

Scary for HY…

Very scary.

I think the article fails to distinguish between candidates and “guys who are probably on the AD’s list”. The guys at the top of that article’s list probably would not seriously consider UCLA,where the expectations and stresses for the basketball HC are about as out of proportion as the Notre Dame football HC job.

I’m sure that if the Arkansas job comes open there will be similar articles with a lot of the same names mentioned. There will also be a certain segment of the fan base that will be absolutely convinced that(insert name of coach of former national champion/current final four participant) would come here if offered the right amount of money and its the AD’s fault for not landing him. Some of these same folks will turn up their noses at 90-95% of the guys who are hireable, and be chirping about accepting mediocrity before the first season is over.

That brings up another tidbit that hasn’t been discussed when talking abou Mike Anderson’s merit.

It has been pointed out that no one else is trying to hire away his assistants. What hasn’t been mentioned, but is obvious, is that Mike has never been mentioned as a potential target for any other school looking to hire a head coach.

I guess some will say its due to zero chance he would ever leave U of A.

How much is Anderson’s buyout? Can we afford to fire him and how would it look?

I think the buyout is 3 million.

Yeah I figured that would be the response.

Aloha and mahalo DD,

Thank-you for a very interesting article. Very timely and astute of you.


As I said Yuracheck better be very careful and not get overwhelmed by loud voices of fans and I am sure few boosters. We have a good coach that has kept the program in high integrity on and off the court, taken us to the tournament in 3 out of last 4 years and made us respectable within SEC again. Unless you have one of UCLA’s Top 3 or a Donovan type in your pocket, don’t do it and put us into post Nolan deja vu.

Have patience and this current class will get us into second week and maybe beyond of the Dance with Mike.

Don’t get an up and comer that spent a few weeks in the NCAAT and risk it all. The only up and comer I would go for is Chris Beard, only because I know him just a little bit off the court and very well on the court due to his stay at UALR. Chris has a high ceiling,

So other than an elite coach or Beard, stay put. I don’t want us to go through a revolving door of coaches like the football program has done and rolling the dice with an up and comer

I am still blown away that after making the tournament 3 out of 4 years, you are not allowed even one year to rebuild with virtually a new set of players. This has. been the biggest surprise and cause for worry about the future of the program.

If Bill Self was to be fired he would move to the head of the line and would probably build the dynasty again. Even if he couldn’t coach for a year they would wait on him I’m sure, but who knows if he will be fired or what will happen if anything. WPS

If Bill Self gets fired and ends up with a charge I doubt he would be qualified to coach anywhere at any level.

If Self is fired (which would be as a result of what the FBI finds) he will be just as radioactive as Rick Pitino is. RP is, by the way, available. I don’t want him either, but I’m sure there would be those who would hire anyone if they thought he could get/buy us into the Final Four.

Your right but if he only got a year suspension he will coach again and you can take that to the bank in my opinion. WPS

I’ve always assumed that our next coach would be an up and comer, just how we roll.

I won’t blame HY at all, since I think it’s just really hard/really unlikely that a “name” coach is coming to Fayetteville.

As someone already said, very scary situiation for HY, he’s about to earn his pay whether he replaces or keeps MA. I’m very glad it’s not my job.


You’re just talking about the NCAA. The FBI ain’t playing with no suspension. We’re talking felony convictions here. He won’t coach again after that.

JMO… I think he gives him a another year… I think focus number one right now is on the football program and getting that righted along with paying for the NEZ expansion… Doubt he would want another big issue like that on his hands until he was certain he has the football program, which is the main breadwinner for athletics, on more solid footing… But I have no inside information and therefore no idea what he might or might not do

There are a few people with inside info that are actually saying that exact thing. They don’t want to make a move (at least this year, at least right now). Now can that change in the next 2-3 weeks? I think so, but in what direction?