Interesting article on "Recruiting Brand"

Not saying I do or don’t agree with this article . . . just presenting as an interesting take on the subject. … iting.html

Looks like we need to do a lot more advertising/brand building, given our top 20 revenues vs current ‘brand image’. I hope/and expect that the new staff and AD will figure out some creative ways to do that. Of course, winning begets winning, so that will be their first priority, I’m sure.

I remain optimistic! Please join me.

Winning is what improves branding and recruiting. Nothing else. The hype train in the SEC is done by ESPN and the SEC network. Even when the hogs are playing announcers so 2 things talk about how great the other teams are in the SEC (mainly Bama and Auburn) and how horrible Arkansas is! Some don’t even call us Arkansas. This doesn’t just happen in football it happens in basketball too. Jimmy Dykes whom is from Arkansas and graduated from here throws his garbage too!
Then you have national media that hates the hogs. You also have people than coach the under 19 basketball team that is friends with Ben Holland and turns recruits in that direction when they are committed else where. ( Reggie Perry ).
The unethical practices that take part in recruiting and coaches that have been caught continue to coach and are put in the spotlight as great people by the media.
This is my opinion. Pete Rose isn’t in the baseball Hall of fame. That’s a shame. He deserves to be in the hall. Rick Pitino is in the basketball Hall of Fame that’s a discredit to all of the other members. Money is what drives the sports. Who advances in the Dance is also driven by money. You can always bet when the hogs win thier first game they will face a ACC team North Carolina or Duke and the refs will make sure the Hogs get beat. TV ratings and money.
The only way for the hogs to change the current state of football is to win!
Go back and watch the Arkansas vs Tennessee SEC championship game and the Arkansas vs Florida SEC championship game and you will see how the conference treats or hogs. At least after the Florida game the refs were reprimanded and suspended.
This junk happens in all power 5 conferences. Kentucky got help to win 3 games this season that they were beat in.
Duke got by with a one arm grab on a steal late in a game to come back. It’s the way it goes for the blue bloods. Go back and watch the basketball game we played at Moo U. Until announcers, Refs and coaches are held accountable nothing will change.