Interesting article on Lamar McHan...

Good job, Matt. I knew very little about him and really enjoyed learning about his life and career with the Razorbacks and the NFL. Those old pictures of players with the perfectly combed hair and no helmet in those poses are pretty entertaining. That is not done anymore, for some reason.

I hate most anything connected with Ole Miss, but I can’t help but like and respect Archie Manning. He seems to be a great guy. … hest-draf/

Thanks. It’s funny you mention the photos. I’ve heard a few players say they would love to see those come back.

Archie Manning was very nice to talk with me for a while about that story. I think it shows the admiration he had for McHan. And as always, Eddie Bradford was a great resource.

Good job by Matt of digging through our archives and finding that story. It was a good one six years ago and it’s still a good one. He can dig it out in another six years and it will still be good. Nice going. I enjoyed reading it again.

My favorite photograph of Razorback players was one of Billy Ray Smith, Sr. I don’t know where I saw it, but it was great. Billy Ray, who people said was a supreme bad #$$, is flying through the air with arms and legs spread-eagled, as they used to call it. He is making a face at the camera. It was a classic.

Matt, it may have been in your book. I bet you know the one I am referring to.

It may have been when Billy Ray played for the Colts, but I saw it somewhere.

It’s probably this one.

That’s the one. That face is a classic.

I remember seeing him one time at a Razorback function. He was a big guy, probably in his 60’s then, and he looked like he could still clear out a bar.

If I remember correctly, Lamar’s son Lance signed with the Hogs back in the 80s. I believe he was a QB, but I don’t think he ever played.