Interested to hear how our Mods voted and peoples thoughts

On the Heisman? Can’t really argue on the season he had, pretty dynamic player for sure…Hell BP even shed a tear

I didn’t see any of the program and have no idea what bought on his emotions, but after his departure here and to find himself in the position of coaching a Heisman winner has to be very satisfying. And when one is happy, emotions can often spill over into tears.

Actually, I’m happy for the guy even though he screwed up here he has to make a living for his family. I don’t think anyone could deny that he is a great coach.

People that think BP lacks raw emotion forget the admirable way in which he handled Garrett Uekman’s death. BP is a damn good coach. Winner.

  1. Lamar Jackson
  2. Jalen Hurts
  3. DeShaun Watson

Thanks Duds, I was just curious, I thought Lamar had a great year, I know they lost 3 games and DeShaun had a better team record and a spot in the playoffs. Just curious how voters take all that into consideration with there vote