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If the 91-92 Hogs had Penny Hardaway signed

Lee Mayberry (PG)
Anfernee Hardaway (SG)
Todd Day (SG)
Isaiah Morris (PF)
Oliver Miller ©

Would that have been enough to overtake Jerry Tarkanain’s UNLV Runnin´ Rebs

Anderson Hunt (SG)
Greg Anthony (PG)
Larry Johnson (PF)
Stacey Augmon (SF)
Greg Ackles ©


No way to know, but that’s sort like saying if Arkansas had signed Michael Cage in 1980 and Keith Lee in 1981 would that have brought us a national championship when you look at possible roster makeup during those years.
Fun speculation, but didn’t happen.

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Probably not. UNLV that night was just mentally tougher than Arkansas. Todd Day through a punch at Larry Johnson I believe. They got into Arkansas’ head and beat them pretty good.

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I kind of doubt it. While that was one of the all time great Arkansas teams (and with Penny it would have been better), the UNLV team was one of the greatest in all of college basketball history. They were so mentally tough and had wonderful college players. Long, athletic, vicious rebounders, could shoot. Talk had them going too. While Johnson got a lot of the pub, Augmon was the soul of the team.

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Appreciate the responses guy’s…

I do think it would have been possible. I don’t think Arkansas was that far inferior to UNLV without Penny.

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Wrong season. That game at Barnhill was in the 90-91 season. UNLV was on probation in 91-92, still went 26-2 but could not go to the tournament. Lost to Rutgers and Misery in December then ran the table. Johnson, Augmon, Anthony and Ackles were all seniors in '91.

I will never get over Hardaway not coming to Arkansas after believing forever that Nolan had him.

Can you imagine him playing opposite Todd?

Answer to the question.

The UNLV team that came into Barnhill and pushed us around is the best basketball team I’ve ever seen.

No one won in Barnhill like that at that time.

Jerry West, Magic Johnson and Kareem on our team may have lost that one.

But Hardaway was going to be a Hog in my mind and his number should be hanging in our rafters.

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The three highest ranked recruits that I remember we had but then we didn’t., are

Karl Malone
Penny Hardaway
Reggie Perry

Did I miss anyone?

Fortunately only one of those three cost an Arkansas coach his job.

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can’t think of the kid’s 1st name but last name was Jefferson…told Nolan he was coming and instead went straight to the NBA…played with Boston for a few years among other teams

That was Al Jefferson, Stan Heath recruit.

He should definitely be part of the list.


Al was ranked number #1 overall by at least 1 recruiting service.

Igoudala was another. He had actually signed his LOI.

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Yep, Iguadola is another.

Iguodala signed with Nolan. But was turned loose by Arkansas and went to Arizona for one season.

The big one (literally and figuratively) that got away just before that was Emeka Okafor. He signed with UConn. If Okafor made it to Arkansas no one would have heard of Stan (I’m going to fix the rebounding) Heath.


Yes, but from my memory I don’t think Emeka was as close to being a Razorback as the five that we have mentioned. Was he?

Emeka was extremely close to signing with Hogs. Some of those did sign. He was ready to commit on his visit and it did not go well. Surprised everyone.

Seems I am showing my age, but as a college student, we heard that Lloyd Free (World B Free) was coming, Not saying he was bigger than Penny or Malone, but he would have been fun on Lanny’s Runnin Razorbacks!

Why did the visit not go well?

I know, but I’m going to let it go at this point. Too many years ago. And I have only one side of it.

From what I understand, Nolan was to busy and didn’t even greet or show up till last couple of hours Emeka visit here or something to that nature.

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