Interested in Duds, RD, Jimmy and Matt's opinion

I don’t know if it has been addressed here, but Friday Gary Parrish had Dan Wolken on his radio show and one topic was Mike Anderson’s tenure at Arkansas. … mdiche.htm?

Wolken comes in around the 30 min mark

Gary opens the show stating that he thought CMA was a “home run hire” and he is baffled that it hasn’t worked at Arkansas. I’d say that feeling is the same as 90% of this board and elsewhere.

Dan has some interesting things to say in regards to CMA and his recruiting.

Can y’all speak to what Dan says and why it hasn’t seemed to work?

To start with, Dan - being from Arkansas - has always been hard on Arkansas coaches as he tries to get away from being viewed as a homer. I think he goes to much the other way.

We all know that Arkansas doesn’t have a home run hitter when it comes to recruiting.

They all work hard but don’t have a personality that jumps off the table at you.

Scotty could become that guy. We’ll see.

They have certainly had some recruiting misses over the six years at Arkansas, but obviously have also had some hits.

I think the 2015 class fail rocked them and they doubled up their efforts.

They certainly have the hits coming to campus in the next three years - and that’s due in large part to Coach Watkins and Coach Anderson.

So it is working now

I’ll reserve judgement on whether or not it has “worked” until after the season. Everyone in the bracket prediction realm seems to think the Razorbacks still have a shot at the NCAA Tournament, which would make the hand-ringing of the past couple of weeks a moot point. I think South Carolina will win, but if Arkansas can pull the upset Wednesday that would change the tune of a lot of people on how the season is going.

That said, I think the level of coaching in the SEC probably is better than in either of the two conferences in which Mike previously coached. You could make an argument for the Big 12 when he was there, but 25 percent of those coaches are now in the SEC, in addition to Final Four coaches and former NBA coaches. It is harder to win in the SEC now than it was in 2011 because so many schools have improved their quality of coach.

Pretty good segment but Dan whiffs when he said Scotty was from Arkansas. Ruston isn’t too far but it wasn’t Arkansas. If I remember correctly, Corey Beck and Dwight Stewart were from Memphis. Al Dillard and Roger Crawford was from Alabama. Scotty from Ruston. Darnell from CA. Lee Wilson from Texas. Clint McDaniel was from Oklahoma. Divor Rimac from Croatia. Ken Biley from right down the road at Pine Bluff and Reggie Merritt was from Little Rock. Obviously, Corliss from Russellville. John Engskov from Berryville. So, Dan’s overall point being the majority of that group came from within 300 miles of Fayetteville.

I don’t completely agree with what he says about Mike’s recruiting because we’ve seen the classes improve. The overall level of talent is getting better. I do agree with Dan when he said the staff isn’t known to be a great recruiting staff. I don’t believe they are great x’s and o’s kind of coaches. I didn’t get to hear the game last week when CMA was mic’d up but I heard it wasn’t impressive. I’m certainly not qualified to judge the x’s and o’s aspect, just commenting on what I hear.

btw - wouldn’t be excited about a Buzz Williams either.

Thanks for yalls thoughts.

Dan and Gary says Buzz would have come. I found that interesting

The part about Buzz is not true.

He declined to talk with Arkansas.


Thankfully. Williams seems over rated to me.

Greg Marshall on the other hand…

Thanks for the info. I thought he did a good job at Marquette and is doing the same at Va Tech. IMO he would excel here. Of course I thought the same of CMA too.

If you’re mad at CMA, you’d be mad at Williams right now as well. He hasn’t been to the tournament in 3 years now. He’s 17-7 right now 6-6 in conference, CMA is 18-7 and 7-5 in conference.

I’m not mad at anyone. I am disappointed.

However this is year #3 for Williams at VT, a less prestigious basketball school than Arkansas. VT has gone 11-22, 20-15, and are currently 17-7 with a win against Michigan, Duke, Syracuse and Virginia (all teams in the tournament). VT is FIRMLY in the dance right now.

In Mike Anderson’s third year Arkansas went to the NIT. In his sixth year, currently Arkansas has beaten no tournament teams.

So what was that you were saying?

I’m saying, if you’re “disappointed” about a 18-7 Record with 44 RPI, then you would be disappointed at a 17-7 record with 39 RPI. It’s not much different at all. Lundardi has them as a 9 seed, has us as an 11 seed. We’re one good win from a 9 seed, there are 1 bad loss from being an 11 seed. We could swap positions this weekend.

And one could argue it’s easier to make the tournament in the ACC. They get 8-10 teams in every year. If you’re not the bottom of the barrel ACC team you’ll get in, you get several opportunities to get quality wins. Good example, Josh Pastner, who got ran out of Memphis went to a horrible Georgia Tech program and he’s in a position to make the tournament his first year in the ACC. No coach comes into the SEC to a struggling program and make the tournament right away, it doesn’t happen. And we’ve had some great coaches come in Bruce Pearl, Ben Howland, Avery Johnson, Rick Barnes, etc. Those guys are all better coaches than Josh Pastner. Also, Buzz Williams is 36% wins in the ACC, some reason you don’t take me as the kind of guy that wouldn’t be “disappointed” in that.

Apples and oranges.

You are comparing year 3 for Buzz against year 6 for Mike. Are you telling me Arkansas was in a worse spot than VT when each coach took over? VT won 2 conference games the year prior to Buzz taking over. 10 total ACC games in the 3 prior years. It was an absolute dumpster fire in arguably the best basketball conference.

Meanwhile VT’s 3rd year under Buzz is better than Mike’s 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 5th and possibly 6th year at Arkansas. A run in the dance and it may end up better than Mike’s 4th year. To discount the job he is doing at a football school is laughable.

And you comment that they get 8-10 teams in the tournament every year is an alternative fact. They didn’t get 8-10 in last year.

My apologies, they got 7 in last year, that’s a huge difference from 8 :roll: . And something tells me people use the phrase alternative facts on you a lot and you were just waiting for a chance to say it lol. Congrats.

And I don’t know about Virginia Tech, I don’t follow them as closely as you do, I mostly care about Arkansas basketball, hence I’m on an Arkansas message board. But did, Virginia Tech have APR problems? Were they the only team in their conference without a practice facility? I don’t want to have any more “alternative facts” so I’ll let you be the fact check guy and find that information out ;).

And why you’re getting super defensive about your best bud Buzz, I was just telling you Buzz Williams hasn’t accomplished anything at Virginia Tech yet, but you made a comment at how good of a job he’s doing, yet he’s 36% wins in his conference, that’s not impressive to me. Other posters have said the in this thread as well. If you’re looking for different responses might wanna try the V-Tech board.

All I said is that I think he’s done well at VT and would here. If pointing out facts is being defensive, then Guilty As Charged. He is accomplishing more through 2.5 years than CMA did at Arkansas in 2.5 years.

I also thought CMA would do well here. So I clearly may not be the best judge.


Also, may want to fact check those numbers and see who had more wins up to that point. Looks like that first paragraph of yours could be some of those alternative facts you were mentioning.

There’s 3 bad loses that disappoint me.
Mississippi State, Missouri and Vandy!
The effort shown by the team has been alarming starting the games.
With all the above the Coach is Mike Anderson and there’s no way for home satisfy everyone. The hogs will finish these next 6 games 4-2 or better and need a win aginst SC or FL. We need to get behind this team and our coach! WPS

Are you really that big of an Anderson homer that you can’t admit that Buzz appears to be doing a faster rebuild job of Va Tech than Anderson has done at Arkansas.

Va Tech is the ACC equivalent of Ole Miss and Auburn in the SEC in basketball. They have historically been one of the basement dwellers in that league. To say it is easier to get to the Big Dance from the ACC is an absolute joke. You are playing a murder’s row type schedule. Mike Anderson’s best Arkansas team couldn’t even go on the road and beat an average Clemson team out of the ACC. If Buzz does indeed get Va Tech to the Big Dance in year 3 that will be far more impressive than what Mike has done at Arkansas.

Win/loss record can be inflated by playing weak competition. The SEC has been more like playing in a mid major conference than a P5 conference the last seven or eight years. Our non conference strength of schedule has left a lot to be desired in recent years as well. I will give our athletic department credit this year in that they have finally learned how to manipulate the RPI better by playing cupcake teams in the Top 200 RPI instead of playing a bunch of 300+ RPI teams.

JB, I’m gonna jump in here for a second. In CMA’s 3rd year after 24 games he was 15-9. Va Tech is 17-7. Arkansas went on a 6 game winning streak and going into the final game was 21-9 and firmly on the bubble. They lost to Bama, and then to USCe in the SECT and got relegated to the NIT. Va Tech hasn’t played their last 8 games yet, but they’re projected to finish 19-11 and make the dance, so BLU has a point that it’s easier to get in, in the ACC

Yes, How weird of me to defend the razorback head coach on a razorback message board. I’m definitely the one with the problem here.

I just want to make this clear to you and the Buzz Williams fan club. I don’t care about Buzz Williams and his 36% conference wins at Virginia Tech. You can try to spin 36% wins anyway you want, but it’s 36% wins, which is not impressive by any standard. If you and hog2009 care so impressed by that, you guys do know Va-Tech has a message board right? Here I’ll give you the link. … asketball/

And I think I speak for most razorback fans when I say I couldn’t care less what Buzz Williams is doing at Virginia Tech. You guys come on a razorback message board bashing our coach defending a coach with 36% wins. I would NEVER bash a hog coach while bragging on another school’s coach in the midst of hog fans, even if I didn’t like the head coach. That’s just traitor type of behavior, how do you do something like that and even call yourself a hog fan. You should automatically lose your razorback fan card for doing crap like that.

No point in actually using logic, they won’t get it. In their mind every coach is better than CMA, their opinion ain’t changing no matter how much evidence you present that disproves that theory. In their minds it’s alright for them to predict VA-Tech into the tournament before the season ends, but if you predict Arkansas being in the tournament before the season ends your a homer. In their minds the SEC is mid-major level talent and any coach should be able to run through the league.