Interest picking up for 2020 G Moses Moody

since his showing at the Pangos All American camp.

UCLA and Oklahoma are showing strong interest. He visited UCLA while out in Cali.

Obviously Arkansas is showing strong interest in the 6-5, 175 Moody of LR Parkview.

I understand there is plenty of time since he is a 2020 guy, but I hope Arkansas offers soon. I know he likes the Hogs.

Agreed. He’s going to be at least a 4-star guy. I was seeing tweets about him all during the Pangos camp.

I know Moore and Doakes have received a lot of press the past few months, but I’ve maintained my position that Moody is the best prospect of that class right now. I expect us to offer when he visits us, scheduled for August (maybe the Elite Camp).

How tall is Moody? I have seen him listed at 5’11 and I have seen him listed at 6’5. My guess is somewhere in that vast middle.

Told 6-5. I saw him during the HS season and will see him in Vegas in July.

Where did you see 5’11? I have seen 6-4 a year ago and I am assuming he grew an inch.

If Isiah Joe is indeed 6’4, which recruiting sites are saying he is, then Moody is 6’5, because I just seen a picture of them side by side on twitter at the Pangos camp and Moody was at least an inch taller than him.

Yeah, depending on what you prefer on the shoes-on/shoes-off debate, Moody is 6’4 or 6’5.

I think the program in Hot Springs said 5’11.