Instructional Video

Seth put together this video that will help you learn some of the features of this new platform.

I put much of this information in the FAQ thread which is pinned atop the Hawg Lounge.

BTW, @SethCampbell, You can copy the URL for a Tweet by clicking on the upward arrow at the bottom of the tweet:

There is then no need to open the tweet itself in a new window. Just select the Copy Link to Tweet option.

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Great video. Much more info than I need but answers a bunch of questions.

Seth, thanks for the video. This old hog fan learned a lot.

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How do we block the trolls?

There are instructions here: WHS Forum Rules, FAQs and Helpful Links under How to mute (ignore) users

Why did we change to this new format, it is not user friendly at all. Is there a way we can use the old format? Last time we changed to a format like this , everyone wanted to change back.

Well, the old boards kept crashing and there was no support for them. If you will recall, everyone hated that format when we first moved to it. Try it, you will get used to it.

How do you copy and paste a photo from an iPhone?

I copied a photo from my Photos folder but it wouldn’t let me insert here

I copied a photo from my Photos folder, pasted it to a new Message and it showed up as the photo; I copied that photo in the new message box and inserted it here and it displayed as a long string ending in jpeg so I deleted that and canceled my reply


Here is a quick tutorial.

So is this open source and things can be fixed? I’m having to get creative to post “Play of the Day” because the program will not let you post a topic that has already been used.

Maybe date your topic, as in Play of the Day, 8 Oct 19.

Thanks, not asking for advice how to do it…can the board maintenance fix this and other issues?

I think this will be corrected soon.

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Seems to have been corrected…now how 'bout when a post is deleted, just have it deleted instead of it hanging around 24 hours (this post was deleted message).

So no Feedback on the deleted posts issue? I noticed a few days ago I can READ the deleted posts.
So if somebody really messes up BADLY and figures it out…better just edit it people, ha.