Instate guys

RD, do you have any idea when the in-state recruits want to make their decision by? I know Wilkins is probably going to delay it for a while it sounds like, but I was wondering if you knew anything else on the others?

Stacey Wilkins around May.

Hudson Henry late in the process. Looks like he’ll take visits during the season.

I expect Zach Williams to decide late spring or early summer.

Will have to check on the others, but often before the season is a good bet.

With so many really good D1 recruits from Arkansas in the 2019 class is there a common reason none have committed to the Razorbacks? Seems like there’s usually a couple life long fans that would be pledged by now. Is it the new era where there’s few or no lifelong Razorbacks? New coach? Terrible record in last 6 years? Or some of all of the above?