Just playing with thoughts and started wondering, say we actually land KB, would the staff then make a push for a juco WR? I think that it’s probably a good idea, regardless of how many freshman we have already. I think it’s scary to rely on a bunch of freshman WR and a Sophomore. I say that excluding the rest because it’s fairly clear outside of mike woods and Warren, our wr room is lacking talent.

An instant impact big time juco wr, would be nice or KB, probably a little easier to work with than freshman.

On the bright side, it’s nice that knox and Nash will be early enrollees. I think they will likely play the most of the freshman regardless of that, Nash because he’s coming from a high school that cranks out college ready athletes. Knox because he’s a beast.

The numbers will be tight. I expect Taurean Cater to be No. 23 on Wed. I think they’re in good shape with CB Devin Bush and S Jalen Catalon. If those guys jump on board that’s 25. You then hope to add Caleb Johnson or Lakia Henry at LB. That would be 26. The rest will be OL.

While adding another WR is possibility, I don’t think it’s probable.

KB must be included in the 29.
Catalon, Carter and Bush make 25. A LB, KB and 2 OL make 29.

There is a real possibly of 1 or 2 decommits so there could be something different.

I don’t see that happening because they believe these WR commits are legit and because JC WR transfers are a gamble.

Think positive in recruiting. A player getting hurt or not qualifying but to think of decommit is out there some what.
I think if KB comes on board there will be plenty of WR talent. After the JUCO WR we’ve signed and one transferring I’d be satisfied with taking freshmen.
As for the numbers I hope Cater and Catlon come on board and the staff get this class closed out early! OL and LB please to close it out.

Unless I have had this wrong for a long time, graduate transfers count against your 85 roster total, and do not count against the current recruiting class.

I don’t think KB would be in the 29. He’s not an initial counter because he was on scholarship at Clemson. Initial counters are people on scholarship for the first time; doesn’t specify at which school. He counts against the 85, obviously, but not the 29.

How do you get past NCAA rule

Easily. Note the heading for – Aid FIRST Awarded After First Year. That rule is intended for walk-ons who are put on scholarship, not for grad transfers who have been on scholarship elsewhere. And the reason it’s there is to keep schools from getting around the 25 limit by having kids walk on in August and get put on scholarship almost immediately. Under this rule, they have to wait a year (it used to be 2 years IIRC) to go on scholarship without counting against the 25. None of which applies to grad transfers.

Further support for my argument: The section in which that rule is found,, is labeled Initial Counters-Football. There are several sections in, none of which deal with grad transfers. My inference from that is that a grad transfer is not an initial counter.

Why not 30 instead of 29?

CCM signed 17
Hayden, Ty Clary and juco Gary Cross awarded scholarships in Jan 2018.
Grad transfer Chase Harrell awarded scholarship in Summer 2018, for total of 21, leaving four to bring forward to 2019.

25+ 4 = 29 for 2019.

I disagree with your accessment of NCAA rule

A grad transfer is place on scholarship as soon as they enroll. Therefore with less one academic year on campus, they would fall in both 25 per year and the total of 85 scholarship allow by NCAA.

I’ll ask to get a clear indication on this, but I know one thing.

Whether KB is 29 or 30, it gets in.


we don’t need anymore WR unless he’s a 5* we need OL and LB IMO

What happened to Henry. Did he pick someone else and I missed it?

Which Henry?

Hudson is a Hog commit, Lakia is a very good JUCO LB prospect planning a visit