? Insiders

Has the paper work came in on Trelon Smith yet?

Has Arkansas move on from the Troy LB, or maybe waiting see which LBs move into the transfer portal?

Nick Starkel has two years to play, does this change the number of QBs Arkansas plans to sign in the 2020 recruiting class?

Not yet. Nothing to worry about.

Yes, I’ll be surprised if Arkansas doesn’t get a visit from Tron.

I think if Haynes King wants to come you try and find a way to make it happen.

That’s the question. Does Haynes King want to come?

We’ll see. No way of truly knowing right now.

Too make this clear, Arkansas plans to sign only one QB in 2020, unless the 2nd one committing is Haynes King?

Not saying that. Just giving an example. If a guy they really like I could see them taking two. Not saying they will, but I can see it happening.

There are a lot of QB offers out right now… Is there a pecking order who they prefer?

There could be some QB transfer before then, but there also could be seven QBs on the 2020 roster. Daulton Hyatt, Conner Noland, KJ Jefferson, JS Jones, Nick Starkel and two QB signees for 2020.

I would rather see the extra scholarship go to another O-Lineman.

They only plan to sign 3-4 OL this year. Again, the number could change like we’ve seen in the past.