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Is there any concern at Arkansas Athletic Department about their football APR? I believe there is a possibility it could drop below 930 when they release it next month.

I don’t know how the score is going to look. I assume you’re asking because of the large amount of player turnover last year.

It is my understanding that if a transfer leaves in good academic standing (with a 2.6 GPA or higher) that it does not hurt the APR score. The ones who drop out or leave in bad academic standing hurt the score.

Overall, I tend to think transfers hurt the graduation rate score more than APR.

I could have been more clear, I’m speaking of single year score. A transfer loses 1 point when below 2.6 GPA average, 2 points when they aren’t enroll at another school after five weeks of new academic year.
Football with 85 scholarships can stand to lose about 20 or 21 points before drooping below 930 APR score.

I have heard no one predict that it’s going to slip into a danger area.

In the past we’ve been given a heads up if there is going to be an aberration in APR scores. That hasn’t happened this year, although I assume it still could before the scores are released.

Big John knows this, but for those who might not, there are two APR scores: single year and multi year. The multi-year score is made up of the last four single-year scores, so one single-year dip shouldn’t hurt the multi-year score much.

For instance, Arkansas’ men’s basketball team had a single-year 918 in the last reporting period, but three other strong years kept the multi-year score at 964 (the NCAA benchmark is 930), so it is in good standing.

Arkansas’ football multi-year score last year was 982. Whatever its single-year score this year, it will be added to the last three single-year scores of 981, 985 and 988, and divided by four. It will still be a strong multi-year score.

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