How did we get to this point where they can only sign 12-14 in this class?

Retention of players, be it good or bad. If you throw in a few walkons receiving scholarships, and redshirt half a class, you end up with a small recruiting class.

Last year full class and throw in the 2 blue shirts and then giving walk ons scholarships and you have it! Pretty tough.

If you continue to sign 23-25 for five years and keep them around - as the APR makes you do more these days - then you eventually are going to have problems wit the 85 cap.

To build on what others are saying, you can have 85 on scholarship at any given time. If you sign 25 every year, then you can see the problem. A simple example, lets say we have 25 freshmen, 25 sophomores, and 25 juniors staying, all happy and productive, and the coaches like all of them, then technically we could only sign 10 in the next class. Eventually good retention catches up with you.