If I understand B Mattingly’sTwitter… at some point Jeff Long offered the Arkansas job to Les Miles. Is that true?

If that is the case, and let’s throw out Brett Bielma and JLSmith since one was a “homerun” and one seemed to make sense at the time, that means he tried to hire Jim Grobe, Tommy Bowden, Les Miles and I guess you could throw Jimmy Dykes in…When he starts looking for another AD job one would begin to possibly question his hiring judgments?

I don’t believe it was officially offered. I do believe – as was reported then – that there were serious discussions between Long and Miles. An official offer is well down the road from preliminary talks – with approval of the board included. I do not think it got to that point. I do not see this as big news because this matches what we talked about at the time, that there were talks between Jeff and Les. I think Bo saying it was “offered” is a bit of a stretch from what I know actually happened.

But, I will say that Jeff Long’s hiring history will be under question if anyone really looks. I don’t think there is any question that it’s a true statement that he’s got to overcome that in his next major job interview.

Given that Miles was a year removed from winning an SEC title and coaching in the national championship game, hiring him in 2012 would have been a big deal. The way his tenure ended can make you forget how successful he was at LSU.

I have a good friend who in turn is a close friend of somebody who had a parent that was a BOT member at that time. My friend called me and said “somebody who would know” wink wink is telling me Long wants to hire Les Miles and is trying to get buy in from key members on the BOT and RF…I could not believe it as there had not been a word about it in the media, but it was in an ESPN article about six hours later. He told me later Long ran in to resistance from people that felt ( and I agree) would struggle in a place without a fantastic recruiting base. Given he was 2-2 against Mr. 11-29 I tend to agree.

I agree he probably would have struggled. And when I heard his name, I was like, “You’ve got to be kidding!” But he was coming off a national championship game appearance (if you can call not getting past the 50 until late in the game an appearance). It would have been interesting, to say the least. We would have had to go to grass, for instance.