Insiders ??

a few weeks ago the conventional wisdom was to bring along the freshman QB’s and after the tough stretch of the schedule is over make them a bigger part of the game plan. We haven’t heard much about their progress lately but I assume the coaching staff would much rather have Storey to continue to improve and hold the job?

There is no doubt the coaches have hitched their wagon to Ty Storey. It appears to me, and did in the spring, too, that he is the best option right now. I was impressed with the way he passed against Alabama.

I would go with Storey in this next stretch. Based on what I’ve seen (and it’s just games), he would be the best option at this point. You could play another QB if the team is not moving the ball, but it’s moving the ball as of late.

If the combination of Storey and Kelley stay healthy, I think the freshman redshirt. Letting Kelley run the short yardage plays will help keep Storey healthy. I think Noland and Jones will play a lot against Tulsa since they can do that and not lose the redshirts, just to get them some game experience and to rest the two ahead of him. But we have to get ahead early to do that.

I think as long as we have shot at bowl game, you play Storey.

The last 2 games with no shot and you don’t blow redshirt, we’ll see.

Storey’s deep pass to Stewart showed Ty may actually have an arm. Beautiful ball. If he can continue to show glimpses of that and the offense continues to progress, I wouldn’t think there’s a reason to force the freshmen.

I do think Connor Noland and John Stephen Jones will likely play in 4 games this season.

It just makes sense

I’m impressed with the way Storey has improved.

I think Storey “gets” the offense, he stays calm and he’s tough. All of which makes him serviceable in this offensive system. But there were several times against Bama where the lack of arm strength and/or plus ability as a runner made a difference. I think he will keep improving as he gets more game experience. Going forward, improved talent elsewhere on the offense will help him have a good senior season if he’s still the starter in 2019.

You can see now where this offense( now only 30% installed per CM) could really shine with a guy with a better arm and a bit more running ability. Hopefully we find at least an heir apparent to Story among either the current roster or this year’s recruiting class.

I just wonder if Ty had been plugged in as the starter in the 1st game how much further along this offense would be?
I know the staff were still up n arms who the starter would be & I guess during fall camp there just wasn’t enough separation between him & Kelley. But he is getting a handle on this offense along with Rakeem proving he is an SEC RB and with the emergence of OGrady makes just the right mesh.

Seem like Storey has improved every game playing against some of the best he will see this season. I wouldn’t be surprised to see him throw for 300 yards this weekend baring any injury, I’m not sure we know what his ceiling is at this point, I’m by know means comparing him to the Bama Qb but if he continues to improve it’s going to take someone special to beat him out of his job. Cole also do a good job in the niche that has been carved out for him by our coaches. Surely most fans see us trending upward at this time I would think, due for a win this weekend! WPS