Insiders ??

Did anyone ask or did CCM explain why they called a time out on a kick off, coming out of a TV timeout with (according to the count by the TV announcers) 11 men on the field?

Not sure.

I covered the visitors’ locker room and was not at today’s PC

I watched and didn’t hear anyone ask coach Morris or the OC.

Morris did not talk about that today, and it was not asked of him. I admit it was pretty strange when I realized that happened on Saturday. Certainly had me and many others lost for a minute.

In my opinion, the worst thing you do there is take the delay of game and simply move back 5 yards. Don’t waste a timeout and make yourself look disorganized all at the same time.

I thought they had 12 guys on the field, but I did not count fast enough to be sure. It was a really bad day for special teams, with the exception of the long field goal.

My suspicion points toward two people on the field with the same number, which both teams had problems with on Saturday.

Matt said he thought there were 12 men on the field as well.

The network froze the screen before the timeout and circled the players on the field. There were 11 at that point.

From my seat on the east side, I happened to see a player near the Arkansas sideline come off the field as they were lining up, hurry back on while coaches and players were pointing and seemed to be shouting instructions while the player looked back at them. Then Morris called timeout.

My assumption was that someone was put it to fill a hole (maybe for an injury?) and wasn’t sure of his assignment.

The rest of the game went so badly, I didn’t remember that particular snafu until I saw this thread. But it seemed pretty odd at the time and the people around me talked about it.