There was a story…don’t remember who wrote it and I can’t find the article…but there a quote of CBB that I was going to ask about but forgot at the time.
BB was referring to Austin Allen and It was something like:

He had as bit of a set back in fall camp or he had a non-football set back in fall camp or something like that…set back during fall camp

May have been in a story about his PC this week?

Thought I heard him mention something in today’s press (phone) conference about Allen dealing with an issue but he didn’t go into details on it. Was listening to it on Wes’ show I believe.

I asked Bret about that because it wasn’t clear during the press conference. I asked if Austin was hurt. He said, “No, what I meant was that we held Austin out of the second-half of a scrimmage and a couple of other situations to get more looks at the backup quarterback over a couple of days.” They worked Ty and Cole with the ones a couple of days. That was midway through fall camp. That’s all he meant. It would have been a few more snaps with the top wideouts in a couple of situations. Bret said it probably didn’t come out the way he meant it. And, I can see what he was trying to say with the context of what he else he said. He cleared it up when I asked him one-on-one later. In hindsight, maybe he wished he had given Austin all the reps with the ones all the way through camp. That was in the third week of the five weeks of preseason camp.

The comment raised eye brows with me so I did go talk to Bret afterwards to get clarification. It was worth a follow-up question, but sometimes I wait until afterwards because I wasn’t sure what I heard in the first place.

thank you Clay, very happy to hear that is all it was