Any idea what the new staff’s take is on the facilities iat Arkansas? Has to be a culture shock from SMU.

It seems like every new staff has their own thoughts, ideas, wants, etc. in regards to facilities.

I will tell that a culture shock may be moving from Dallas to Fayetteville. Especially the part of Dallas where SMU is. Very nice, and has gotten much nicer in recent years. I love Fayetteville for many reasons. But Dallas is a whole different deal. Lots more to do in Dallas.

Football facilities are on a bigger scale at the UA. Indoor practice facility, etc. I’m sure the coaches are glad to have it all. I saw the strength coach wants changes in the weight room. Likely not obsolescence but different training methods. But not sure.

I haven’t heard any specific mentions to the facilities, but I think your assumption about it being nicer than anything they had at SMU has to be on point. I remember Arkansas practicing at SMU’s facilities for the Cotton Bowl one year; just no comparison.

For instance, SMU doesn’t have an indoor football facility, although it is about to start construction on one in a couple of months. Morris’ introductory news conference last month was inside the indoor practice facility for the Razorbacks’ baseball and track teams, which is as nice as any indoor football facility I’ve been inside.

I did notice that some of the graphics have been changed out inside the football center yesterday. I’m sure there probably is more, but most of the facility is locked to everyone but football personnel.

One thing the coaches and wives like is the cost of living in NWA vs. Dallas and being able to get a lot more house for the buck.

So, when is Matt or Tom going to tell us how many “bucks” they will get??

When they give us the records. Trust me, the request is in.

Oh, I know y’all are on top of it.

There’s more to do in Dallas if the things one likes to do are available in Dallas. No doubt there are more big city things to do, but there are no mountains or scenic lakes to escape to. No rivers to float. No convenient hunting or fishing. And if one is into fine art, I’d bet Dallas doesn’t have anything better than Crystal Bridges. It’s just a matter of preference. I like Dallas. Enjoy going every so often. But I’d rather live here. I’d rather live here than in Highland Park. I’m sure a bunch of Dallasites prefer Dallas, but not everyone prefers it. Clearly the SMU coaches & their families took the opportunity to move to NW Ark–and, yeah, I know money played a large part in that decision, but as someone pointed out, it takes more of it to live in Dallas.

I thought I read where the new strength coach will revamp the weight room. What did he find wrong with those facilities? I thought our weight room was one of the finest around, and certainly one of the finest.

Believe he said it had everything you would equip one with, just needed some updates.

To be honest, everyone’s weight room is the finest around. This strength staff has a different way of doing things than the old one, so some changes in that facility are inevitable.

Good post. I’ve lived here for 13 years and never have I had a day where there was nothing to do in this area. The same goes for when I grew up in a town with 3,500 people. Like you say, it’s all a matter of preference.

Amen to all of this, and you can get your fill of Dallas (driving) with a long weekend and always come back home. Those houses in the SMU area are not cheap. My guess is the coaches and wives traded an hour’s drive to work, school, etc. for around 15 minutes. If the coaches play golf, they’ll love NWA. And flying somewhere-where do I start.

Come to think of it, what can you do/buy in Dallas you can’t in NWA?

Most of these guys have seen top facilities. SMU does not have it all but Clemson sure does.

Most of what Carroll will do is about shoving things around. Most everything is here. He might want more of one thing or another. He said it was “120 yards of stuff.” I think he may emphasize more of one or two different things. Generally strength coaches get what they ask for.