I was just looking at a list of graduate transfer prospects and came across an old Chad Morris recruit, Tucker Israel at Clemson, QB.

Think there is any interest there? I don’t know how he looks when he plays, I just know Chad can’t be too optimistic about our current QBs and maybe he would provide a rent a year for a young guy to learn the system. It would be an easy transition considering they are still running his offense.

It’s a crowded qb room, but it’s without a doubt the lifeline of this offense. Even more so that there aren’t any elite WRs like he has had in the past.

You’re forgetting there are two QBs in the incoming class, speaking of a rent-a-year.

I haven’t forgotten about them.

I was referring to them as the young guys learning the system this year, with Hyatt.

I would much rather see the Razorbacks bring a grad transfer DT. Certainly would be great to see them cut from seven to ten points off the average points give up per game from last year.

Why not bring in both I feel we need a graduate NT too but we defiantly need a QB both would be nice a center as well :slight_smile:

I think they are still working to get down to 85.

So you have spots to get new ones out.

That might not be an issue if some leave in May.