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Since Brandon Martin is no longer on the team, how many scholarship players on the roster? I think the number is 84.

I suppose Connor Limpert will place on scholarship to bring number up to 85.


CCM said the Arkansas has 82-83 of the 85 scholarships fill. What I find interesting is, will Connor Limpert, Grant Morgan, who are underclassman be given scholarships.

Will the scholarships be given to seniors who will graduate in 2018-2019 academic year, such Ryder Lucus and others.

DWI arrest isn’t likely to be rewarded with a scholie for Lucas, I would think.

Nobody says he has to give out the scholarships at all.

I suggest you read NCAA rule before debating me.

An institution must have full roster of 85 before they have the option of bring in midterm enrollees.

I somehow read this statement in Friday’s voice during a interrogation…

*Forgive me I watch waaaay to much :tv:

Still doesn’t mean he has to give them all. Most likely he will, because of that rule. But it’s not a use it or lose it situation.

I see right below it that they changed the rule on walk-ons. Used to be they had to be on the team for two years before they could go on scholie unless they went against the 25 limit for that year. Now it’s after one full academic year on campus.