Matt you do a nice job of providing fair coverage. Martin can tell me if I’m wrong, but I think he’s referring to some other insiders that talked about how badly he treated players, support staff, bowl officials, etc but while he was here there was nary a word about this boorish behavior until after he left.

I may be wrong but I think I can recall Dudley speaking about Petrino’s antics and how he treated people/players to some degree while he was here. Nothing negative from a coaching perspective and rightly so.
Tyler Wilson told it like it was when playing for BP, however that was also after his UofA playing days were done to.

To my knowledge he has not banned any media from his twitter. I just went and looked and it looks like everybody is still on there.

I made plenty of statements on the radio and on the Hawgs Illustrated board about his treatment of his staff, the support people and his players while he was here.

In fact, he had quite a few words for me about it one time.

He is a terrific coach, but he was an absolutely horrible person (not to the media, but those that work for him) while he was here.

I’ve have criticized a lot of thing late this season in regards to Coach B.

So don’t lump all the media into one little box.

If he had done that, you would have heard from us about that.

We don’t play that.

You guys act like we are sheep being led.

That’s the biggest bunch of BS, but I know it makes y’all feel better for some reason

And you just made a statement based on ifs and speculation, instead of facts

How ridiculous is that?

He may not be here after next season because of on the field stuff, but criticize him for something that’s not true is just as ridiculous.

Excellent post. I’m very concerned about certain things but I also know that running around and stomping your feet like a child on every thread is no good.

I’m certainly not going to do it based on such a poorly written, poorly reported and poorly supported article. It read like something a junior high sports editor would write.

I doubt there is a staff in the country that is all on the same page.

There have been rumors about this, but no facts to back it up as of yet

I do know there is one coach that used to be here who was not liked at all and he didn’t care about that one bit - which was not a good thing.

I would imagine that is true. You can only take some much FUs and comments about your wife, etc.

Heck, there are three people on here who have been banned for making absolute lewd comments about his wife, who has done nothing to warrant that other than being married to a guy whose team has faltered the second half

I was told that when Justin ackery tried to congratulate him on Twitter I think that he was blocked. Was also told an independent writer was banned also. He might have unblocked them but that is what I heard from what I consider a reliable source

Justin Acri doesn’t seem to be blocked. What was he congratulating him on? Not really a media thing to do.

Who is the independent writer and I will check?

Was told he tried to congratulate beliema on he and Jen announcing they were expecting that he was blocked. I thought twitter but could have been Facebook. I don’t do those sites so I don’t know if you can even block someone. Could have been temporary. No clue. Wasn’t trying to cause a stink. Just responding to the sat down south of dissension on the staff. I don’t remember the writer I was told but will find out at work Tuesday.

I do know the person that told me was a friend of both.

I don’t recall anything being said about him going on recruiting trips and then not going to high schools but hanging out in his room, etc. I never heard anything about him showing his butt at the Cotton Bowl. I never heard that he didn’t put effort into recruit DGB. There are other things that didn’t come out at the time.

I “x-ed out” of the link when I saw Bolin was the author. I completely disregard whatever he writes, and I am not big on seccountry as a “source” either.

Is Justin Acri a journalist?

I don’t mean to step in where I’m not invited. Clay/Dudley/Matt/Richard etc can do this, but may feel uncomfortable.

Bolin has proven himself unworthy of being called a “journalist.” He facebook stalked some posters on another message board. He has an unprofessional comportment that cannot be propped up by clicking the bait and reading the crap.

Hey, it might be true. I’ll get my news from someone who has integrity professionally (some named above, but there are others, of course).

This is not meant to discredit whatever it was that was written. It just means I’m waiting for someone else to write about it.

If a coaching staff doesn’t have it’s “moments” where they don’t get along they aren’t working very hard.

Oh come on Dudley. I was just saying that IF what the other poster says is true, then the media needs to be all over it. It’s a story. I’ll let others determine whether it’s true. On the “blowhard” comment, I’ve got multiple reasons for think he’s a blowhard. Sorry if I attributed that to the Twitter banning. I can see where you might read it that way. But I still think he’s a blowhard.

Sorry, but I’m just pissed about this whole athletic program. I’ve probably posted too much about my feelings the last couple of days. It’s just very frustrating.

And the point I was trying to get across was that If that was true - if any coach tried to limit our access - we would yell loudly

We do this for y’all, not for us

I don’t have any issues with you thinking he is blowhard

What I have a problem with is you questioning our integrity when you simply are frustrated with the product on the field

I didn’t know about Petrino going on recruiting trips and never getting to the schools and instead meeting friends at hotels until he had left

I talked and wriote about him not putting in the effort with DGB

As for the Cotton Bowl incident, tthat was some bad stuff there

The Ciotton Bowl officials were enraged over his actions as well they should have been

I was embarrassed for Arkansas and appalled by his actions

I am not at all or in any way questioning any writers integrity. I can understand needing access to the program to keep quiet on certain rumblings. For instance the affair Petrino was having No way you could ever report that. However with whatever happened on the motorcycle it became public knowledge then fair game. I understand if there was dissension on the staff you could never report that until after the fact. That is why I said for obvious reasons in the original post But in no way I questioned anyone’s integrity. Hope you didn’t take it that way Dudley