what’s up with the rumor out that the coaching staff are or were at odds the past two years???

Any more specifics? Who was at odds with one another?

Just heard the defensive staff were at odds the past two years. … ging-grave

That could explain a lot, if you have turmoil with coaches it will reflect down to the players.

At the end of the day its on CBB’s shoulders to rectify that even if it means making changes during the season.

Pretty damning article for both football and basketball. No Arkansas reporter will write something like that until after the fact for obvious reasons. I was told today beliema had banned some Little Rock radio guys from his twitter acct because they criticized him. Only thing that shocked me was his record against upper echelon teams in the big ten. Wasn’t stellar. They are right though, he better get his act together quickly. A head coach that can’t control jos assistants surely can’t control a bunch of kids on a football team. Maybe the leadership problems mattingly spoke of , over and over and over and over are with the head coach

Bielema really did this – banned reporters from his Twitter in an act of retaliation? If so, some media types need to be all over that. Bielema is OK with Twitter and the media (Bo Mattingley, Dari Nowkah) when it helps his cause, but when his team gets its ass kicked and he deservedly gets a little heat, he cuts it off? Ridiculous. Again, he’s a blow hard. Becoming clearer every day. It was apparently clear to the Wisky folks when he left Madison.

He banned a whole lot of people after the Mizzou game, but don’t know specifically about journalists.

one radio guy tried to text him to congratulate him and his wife on their future addition to their family, when he tried to send he got a message he was banned or blocked, whatever twitter does. another, a writer i think, same thing. they had been critical after the missouri loss. just sounds like to me the beginning of another nutt scenario, paranoia type thing.

It must be some truth to this story because no one has come to his rescue yet.

Hey Play, thanks for the post. I had the same thought after reading the article. It was the first that I’ve read anything like that. The insiders probably are still enjoying the holidays. I hope they respond.

I think any time things aren’t going right, there is going to be some frustration among people who work in tight quarters. But that doesn’t mean they are incapable of working together. That’s all I would read into it.

I know a message board is for discussion, but it sure seems to me I read a lot of posts from posters who have high expectations for the programs, yet seem very comfortable stirring the pot. Even if I was for changing Coaches, I would hope I would have the foresight to work this in less conspicuous methods. My opinion, most likely not held by many, is when we tear down our coach in public there are often consequences, and usually not good ones, to our program.

If CBB banned a lot of people after the Mizzou loss, he’ll be down to four followers after this VT meltdown.

Don’t see this as tearing him down. Its a rumor out there so just wanted to see the validity. I personally want to see him last here, but I do understand the program can’t start to go backwards again without consequences.

At the risk of being argumentative, which I don’t want, my reaction is: Whether the rumor has legs or not, how does a defensive recruit react to this? I know this is a subscription board, I am not convinced that what happens on Wholehogsports stays on Wholehogsports.

Eric Bolin is not from ark he has critized arkansas from the and he started out with th h very first day that he came here he was weith south west times record they must have dumped him he ino longer with them

I understand the concern, but the rumors about staff friction are in an article available to anyone that wants to read it and I’ve seen it retweeted several times. It’s out there.

You want get the Insiders to say anything negative…they never said anything negative about Petrino until he was gone…then they acted like they knew all the facts all along the way.

Right now let’s just face it…7-6 and virtually no discipline in how we play…I watched the coaches in the 2nd half of VT game…all clueless looks on their faces…the UA talks a good PR game but obviously their are holes and leaks

Other than his personality, there wasn’t much negative to say about Petrino until he was fired. He won.

I think I’ve been plenty critical of Bielema when warranted.