I was reading on Twitter and with the move of Manny Diaz UM after 18 days as head coach at Temple, anyway the post contained a list of coaches who were short term/changed their mind and of course Dena Altman was on the list but…

I’ve heard it both ways was Jim Grbve ever really “hired“ from Wake Forest to coach Arkansas? I have heard he was on the plane and changed his mind and I’ve also heard that when he went to meet with his team to tell them he was leaving they changed his mind

Do you know what really went down there?

I don’t know the Jim Grobe story. My thought is that someone nixed that on the Arkansas end. Sometimes the AD does not have the power he thinks he has. I also heard that someone nixed the Les Miles deal. Definitely, Long flirted with both Grobe and Miles in those two separate searches. Will Muschamp thought he was going to be hired in one of those searches, too.

Miles definitely got nixed on this end and so did Tommy Bowden. BOT puehback on Miles and RF pushback on Bowden.