Insiders, your honest opinion...

I for one actually like CBB and believes he can turn this program into a contender. He is in year 4 and we’re on par, but how long do you think he will get?

Good question. Our guys probably only have opinion, but perhaps they have heard things. Which ever, I would like to see what they think or know. Probably not a fair question in some ways, but a very good one.

I am not one looking for a coaching change, but I certainly need to see a very major uptick in recruiting, especially defensive speed to feel good about where we are headed.

I don’t know if Smith (not Mike!!! He is one of our few good recruiters) needs to be replaced, but the results have been very bad to say the least. Perhaps there are reasons beyond his control (recruiting is not beyond his control - he must be a part and know what he needs). If there are no reasons, why is he still here?

What exactly are we on par for? with an explanation too because I can’t justify that statement

Barring an employment opportunity presenting itself elsewhere, I’d be surprised if he isn’t at Arkansas for a while. I don’t think he is in any danger of losing his job anytime soon, especially with his contract buyout.

I don’t think Bret Bielema is going anywhere. I think there are good players in the system now and prospects for the future are good. The schedule is the toughest it’s ever been. That’s the part that gets in the way. Nothing is easy, everything must be earned with hard work in the SEC West. I still think Bret can and will get it done. I was encouraged by some things I saw this year, discouraged by other things.

7-5 last year and 7-5 this year. Need to win the bowl to stay “on par” with last year. Previously he was “under par” each of the 3 years. In his post, par is not seen as “better”, and probably would reflect more negative than positive. A loss in the bowl game would render the season as a small step back (over par). At least that’s how I interpreted his post.

You return (9) Defensive Starter’s and finish #14 in the SEC out of #14 teams in Defense.

This clearly falls squarely on the player’s the coaches must have had little to no Junior/Senior talent to work with. The Defensive Coordinator was at a disadvantage.

I will assume that RW3 leading the SEC in rushing and Austin Allen high pass efficiency rating also had absolutely nothing to do with the Offensive Coordinator.

My question is how can one side of the line be so gifted with speed and the other sloth-footed yet the pre-season practice report’s told a different story???

I’ve been a BB fan since he was announced. He has got to make a move to shore up our defense even if he has to change DC & Dline coach. In several losses the kids got outplayed & the coaches outschemed. There’s no excuse for that even given our recruiting disadvantages & mid SEC talent

I hope Coach B is here for a long time. He’s doing things the right way. I picked us to go 7-5 and then a bowl win for 8-5, so I’m only disappointed in the AU and MO games as far as our record is concerned. Yes, the D was bad, but we were good enough to win 7 games with arguably the toughest schedule in the nation. As the Ol’ Ball Coach said a few years ago, “Bret is going to have to recruit his way out of this”. I support him getting more time to do just that. Woo Pig!

I’m not so sure that we got out schemed or that we just do not have enough team speed.
Speed is the great equalizer in football.
MO receivers were not that good but way faster than our DB. If they were good the score would have been much worse.

By the looks of the red shirted players and the new recruits they have better speed than what we have now.

He stays, the other alternatives are these:

1 - Fire CBB and pick up another good Coach who has been fired for exactly the same reason, not winning enough YET, or losing a game or two that he should have won.
2 - Hire a an up an coming FBS Coach with a good or great record and welcome him to the SECW!!!

I don’t think that Coach B will be let go this season, but I do think the honeymoon is over and that changes will have to be made.

And if the season isn’t up to par next week, the seat will be red-hot.

That being said, I expect him to right the ship.

I hope so, but with a delpleted team returning for 2017 it will be more difficult than ever. He is losing some very valuable players.

Arkansas needs to be good and patient with its current coach, because hiring the next one will be easier, the further we get away from our past coaching-chaos issues.

I’m sure, though, that Jeff Long will manage this whole thing with a sensible approach. He won’t do anything he cannot defend.

From the outside looking in, it is frustrating, not knowing anything close to a complete explanation for the crazy events of this season. The observable doesn’t come close to explaining the observed.

I continue to find comments like many of these after a loss to give an interesting perspective into the type of thinking of many of our “fans”. Ole Miss (for example) this year did less than our Hogs with more (higher rated recruiting classes) in their larder, and I do not recall hearing speculation regarding the coaches “head” at that school. I’m disappointed with the season too, but {comment deleted by submitter}!

I think Ole Miss fans are very upset with Hugh Freeze. This year was a clunker for them and the NCAA sanctions are looming. Even without their starting QB, they should have been able to beat Vanderbilt and/or Mississippi State to get to a sixth win. Combine that with blowing leads of 22 and 21 points to Florida State and Alabama, and I think many would agree the team was poorly coached for the most of the season.

Our record since 1992, the year we entered the SEC:

Arkansas: 166-137-2. 6 seasons at 9 or better
Ole Miss: 160-140-0. 6 seasons at 9 or better
Miss State: 147-151-2. 4 seasons at 9 or better
Auburn: 207-100-2. 11 seasons at 9 or better

Data from