Insiders - Will Khalil Garland.....

Yup. From what I understand that’s actually what got Hank Gathers. He had been on Inderal for exercise-induced V-tach, but thought the initial dose made him sluggish, so the dose was reduced, and it was suspected he didn’t take it at all on game days. I don’t think they really knew he had HCM until autopsy.

I don’t recall saying he has no hope.

What I have said consistently is that I am not sure he will ever play here and that the issue continues to be monitored, but he has not been cleared.

I believe they will go through the end of next season before a decision would be made on a medical hardship situation

Since apparently it is not something an operation can fix and it is not an injury, I don’t expect he will ever play. That’s because, it’s been a year, and still he is not cleared to have contact or practice hard.

I would suggest he transfer to a Jr College. That would free up a scholarship and, after he graduates Jr College, he could return to Arkansas and, if he still can’t play, perhaps could not be charged tuition.

I’m just glad our trainers & medical staff have done their due diligence here & the young man hasn’t had something much happen, no need to explain that.
Hope he is eventually cleared to play for the Hogs, but if not I know the right choice was made.

If he can’t play, he doesn’t need to transfer; a medical hardship takes him off our 13 limit. If he can play, he doesn’t need to transfer, because he’ll be playing.

Good thing the staff is concerned about Khalil and not a scholarship. Never give up is what Jim Valvano told us. They are not going to give up on Khalil when there is hope. They will do what doctors decide.

If he can’t play at Arkansas, why would he be able to play at Jr. College? The heart does not know the difference between the NCAA and the NJCAA. They are going to give Khalil every chance to be cleared for play, as well they should. I think we’ll know before next season starts if he is going to be able to play or not. If he is not, he will be put on medical hardship and his education will be paid for.

I love soccer, but I seriously get tired just watching them run, run, run. I don’t know how they do it. I used to swim 5 miles every day. I’d try to run 2 and couldn’t.