Insiders..... why doesn't AA run more?

I’ve noticed that AA tends to sit in the pocket way too long. He rarely takes the opportunity to abandon the pocket and run for 5 - 15 yards. He hangs in, gets sacked or throws incomplete. When he does decide to run, its usually too late and the defensive line pressure gets him anyway. As I watched the TCU replay at home, I saw 5-8 plays where the running lanes were wide open for him if he’d decide to tuck and run. He could have had 40-50 rushing yards. This also opens up the passing lanes as the safeties have to now play a bit softer.

So my question: Does Enos want AA to sit back there looking for the pass at all cost, or is this a flaw AA has that needs coached up?

This is a good point. I know Dan Enos (at a different point in last season) said there are on average three times a game that the QB should become a runner and make something out of nothing. Not saying when those three times are a game, but he said there are going to be times he has to become a willing runner. Maybe he can do that more. I think it’s stressed in practice at some points. At least it’s been stressed when I’ve been inside. When things are covered, Austin is told to run. Of course, they aren’t going to hit him in practice and I’m not sure it’s nearly the same as in a game. He should run some that’s for sure.

He scrambled five times for 41 yards Saturday against TCU, including runs of 20 and 16.


when you look at the film, Austin tends to wait almost until it’s too late. On his one long run, he barely escaped the pocket and then ran for 20. There were 5-6 other times if he had tucked it, he would have made 15-20 yards. I guess what I’m seeing is running is the last option, almost when it’s too late. If it were more of a planned option (1st read, 2nd read, look at the run lane, run), I think we’d get more out of the passing and running game.

I get that. At the same time, five scrambles is bordering on a lot for a quarterback who is not known for his running. There has to be a good balance of knowing when to run and not getting happy feet and potentially missing an open throw downfield.

Good article in BR. Says that we’re playing 10 against 11 because we don’t run our quarterback… Almost all college football teams have a QB that can run. We are an exception and our rushing attack suffers.