Insiders, Where Is Buster Brown?

Curious to see why he’s not hit the field yet. He was the gem of that defensive class last year, so was hoping for him to have an impact this year. I know he missed preseason, but he’s had about a month of practice now. So what’s up with him?

Bret indicated before the season that he was likely to redshirt.

When you miss summer workouts and get cleared to practice about a week before the opener it’s almost a guarantee you’re going to redshirt.

Pretty good idea to redshirt Brown. He missed too much early work before he became qualified to play and join the team.

I suspect he will have a very good opportunity to start alongside Santos next season.

Coach Bielema and Santos have both talked about the potential that Montaric has and they were going to give him a crash course to see if he could handle some stuff and compete.

If Liddell, Coley or Ramirez were hurt, I think you might see them give thought to getting him in the rotation later in the year.

But it is best for hin - and likely best for Arkansas - for him to redshirt this season and then have up to 4 solid years of starting/contributing.

Did he ever get the official Clearinghouse seal of approval?

Yes, he’s got clearing house approval.

The toughest spot to play as a true freshman is safety. That’s a position when there is a miss in assignment or alignment, it’s a TD. The easiest place is corner. Someone says, you cover that guy and stick with him.

Since Montaric is a safety, I’d expect him to redshirt with all of the work he missed.

The one thing you COULD do with Montaric, is play him in special teams. But, I doubt he’d be able to help much at safety – unless you suddenly lost several players at that position.

There is some depth there with Micahh Smith and Deon Edwards as redshirt freshmen.