Insiders – when do you think we will hear something about staff?

Lots of rumors about Scotty of course but will be very interesting to see what Muss does here

Coach should clean house and hire the best assistants for his style of play.

He may well do that, and with his very extensive connections, there’s no telling where his assistants come from. He’s coached everywhere, man (cue to song), CBA, international, NBA, college, so should be fun to see who he hires.

All that being said, I would just love to see him keep Scotty on staff. great link to the past glory days and a great guy.


I understand all the love for Scotty and I would like to see him have a role in athletic department.

But I respectfully disagree with all the lobbying that he be kept as an assistant coach - unless of course coach M truly believes keeping the old coaching guard like Scotty is what this team needs to get to next level.

We are in this position because the old guard was not getting it done.

I don’t think the new coach should be pressured by fans to hire anyone - even if a fan favorite.

The only important thing right now is getting out of this hole.

Agreed that CEM should make whatever call he thinks best. I can see the benefit to having some carryover from the previous regime to bridge the gap to the new staff might be a benefit. Particularly someone the upcoming recruits already know to introduce the new head coach and his key assistants. No pressure. Just curious. Go Hogs.

The reason for keeping Scotty, if he does, is for continuity in recruiting and in relationships with the high school and AAU coaches we deal with. And some continuity with the current roster too. Muss may think that’s valuable. Or he may not.

One thing that I haven’t heard anybody mention: I believe that until they are officially hired, your soon-to-be assistants can have more contact with recruits than normally allowed. So it actually would make sense to choose your assistants, let them do some informal recruiting for a little bit, and then officially hire them and bring them to campus.

I agree. There should be no excuse to blame the previous regime.

Just a food for thought. Aren’t the players who execute the style and not the assistants? Next year, will you not be here blaming the players for not cooperating with the new coach? Why not remove that risk as well and start clean?

No, they’ll blame Mike, just like they blamed Bret for 2-10

For me keeping Scottie is a no brainer, if not it would be interesting to see the residual effects whether positive or negative

He’s obviously a fan favorite and with good reason. That’s why many of the fans want him to be on staff and he did show he could make a connection with kids.

The reason I say a no-brainer is because Petrino kept Horton, Bielema hired Lunney and Morris kept Lunney. You need a guy with knowledge of the program, state and region.

Musselman had one year as an assistant in the south at LSU. That said you’re right, Musselman should hire who he sees fit.

He certainly should hire who he sees fit.

But if he feels Scotty is a good fit because of his time as a player. admin and assistant coach, I think it would ensure good will.

Plus I think he is good at what he does.

Most certainly. But no doubt Scotty could help smooth the transition.
VERY interesting as it does appear Coach E is receiving some pressure here.