Insiders What's Up With Jordan Jones

The WR from Smackover? I thought he may figure into the offense some this year bc of his speed. Has he been injured or has he had some difficulty learning the playbook? Just curious

He’s a freshman and Arkansas is pretty loaded at his position. I didn’t figure he would play much this season unless he found a niche on special teams. That didn’t happen during the preseason.

So I assume he’s redshirting :!:

I think whether he plays this week against Alcorn State will answer that question. If he doesn’t get to play in this game, I can’t see him in another, barring injury.

If a player isn’t going to get meaningful snaps during his freshman year, it makes no sense to play him. He should redshirt and wait his time. I know it hurts these highly talented guys to sit out a year, but it helps the team for them to mature both physically and mentally so that they can contribute when called upon later in their career. If he hasn’t already burned his redshirt, I’d leave it on unless injuries to others force the coach’s hand.

Here’s the thing about highly talented freshmen, if you don’t play them, you may not have them past their third year anyway. How good is Jordon Jones? Pretty good. I will say this, they could use his speed to stretch the field. Dominique Reed is the guy who should be doing that, but he hasn’t made plays when he’s had the chance. Could Jones do that for this team? Maybe.

But you have six ahead of him. So how much time does he get in practice once the season has started? He does get the developmental work and I’ve heard he’s done some good things.

I understand the need to redshirt and get a fifth year. But if he’s good enough to stand out after three, you aren’t going to get him for five years. You may not get him for four.

I also see that he’d probably be one of the main guys next year. Playing just a little bit is going to speed up his development to step in after you lose Keon Hatcher, Drew Morgan, Cody Hollister and Dominique Reed.

The top receiver next year will be Jared Cornelius. He’ll be joined by Jones – along with Deon Stewart, La’Michael Pettway, D’Vone McClure and Kofi Boateng. Boateng is recovering from knee surgery. I figure they are going to sign several wideouts, too. So maybe you want to get Jones some snaps this year and speed up his development.

Michael Smith told me before the Texas State game that Deon Stewart is the next WR up after you get past Hatcher, Cornelius, Morgan, Reed and Hollister. He’s practicing with them every day. Said any other year, he’d be playing a ton.

The rest of the guys, Jones included, are back and forth but mainly with the scout team. Stewart and I believe Pettway played against Texas State. Obviously Stewart replaced Reed on KOR against A&M.

Yep, both listed on the participation list for TSU. Also both listed as playing vs. TCU and A&M. The only game they did not play was LTU.