Insiders-what names are you hearing?


Anyone discussed besides Gus?

There is a strong push to hire Gus Malzahn.

I hope they have a Plan B. We’ve been down this road before (Billy Gillispie for one).

Thanks Matt. Not my first choice. Maybe he proves me wrong. It has happened before. Any ideas on who might be 2nd or third options? Auburn wins and we are going to get played I think

Based on Julie’s comments last night, this search feels like one in which it could be important to have ties to the region.

I think Mike Norvell could be considered if he isn’t hired away by someone else. His connections in Arkansas, Dallas, Memphis and Tulsa would be an appeal from a recruiting standpoint, and his offensive success is well-documented.

With chip Kelly choosing UCLA Florida Nebraska and Tennessee are about to get into a bidding war over Scott frost. Dan Mullen is in play to Tennessee but this all makes mike norvell attractive at both Tennessee and Florida too should frost and Mullen choose Lincoln and Starkville. This becomes my fear, we are left with skip holtz or a recently fired Kevin sumlin. Don’t see either as an upgrade and if that is choice might as well go get Blake Anderson or Neal brown.

Bama beats Auburn get Gus
If not act on Norville quickly

Perhaps we can get a deal in place with MN, but he has a conference championship game next weekend.

I think you can wait until after the SEC championship game but if he wins that you move on to Norvell or someone else. You have two recruiting weekends after Dec. 2 and before Dec. 20.

I think Sumlin would be ok but will he be able to bring Texas with him?
If so then bring him on

He seems to recruit my area pretty well. ( Houston)

Mike Leach. We need something different ? He can recruit Texas and has proven he can make horrible teams into contenders

Mike leach and administration does not necessarily get along. He is very different. An acquired taste. Be wary of what you wish for.