Insiders, what is the most we will sign in spring?

How many seats left on the Bus?

Any guesses who they may be?

Certainly not an insider. I think Arkansas will sign ten more for a total of 21.

Arkansas has signed eight, add H Henry and T Clary, plus commit N Gatlin makes 11.

Gabe Richardson was place on scholarship May, 2017, therefore came member of 2017 recruiting class. … cels-visit

By most prognostications, we are at 84 on scholarship with the removal of Zach Rogers, and counting the early signees. Whatever we sign there will have to be a 1 to 1 correlation with players leaving. We’ll get, or expect a couple more for sure, not announced yet. How many does he over sign on a the $64 question…

Did all of the scholarship players return for the spring semester?

Zack Rogers and Cole Hedlund are the scholarships players I have seen mention by name, who are no longer on team.

Frank Ragnow was due to graduate in Dec. Going into the 17 season, there was a eight players who had received their degrees.

My guess there is some where between 75 and 80 scholarships players on the UofA football roster at the present time. This includes M Woods, B Pool and I Nickols the three freshman who enrolled in Jan 2018.

The new staff continues to tell us there are only 6-8 more spots (more likely 8).

One of those is for OL Noah Gatlin.

You just had a LB commit in Andrew Parker.

So that leaves 4-6 other spots for a total of 16-18 - most likely 18.