Insiders--what are hearing on Joe and Jones for next yr?

I suspect Isaiah is a late 1st rounder. Mason probably undrafted free agent or Europe. With both coming back next year with what we are adding we have potential for elite (final 4 level) team.

Obviously things can and do change but interested in your sense of things?

OMG, just stop it already!
How much college basketball do you actually watch other than Arkansas?

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The Athletic’s latest projection has Isaiah Joe as the No. 20 prospect in the upcoming draft. If that’s the case it would be difficult to imagine him coming back.

Mason Jones jumped into the top 100 on the big board Matt referenced. I’m eager to see where both guys slot when it is updated.

I think with Joe he could push himself higher in the draft with more strength and showing more of ability to handle the ball in traffic. I could see him moving up into the lottery if he showed that after his junior year. Then again he could instantly be a millionaire and get paid to play the game.

20th is good enough. The analytics say, “Take the money and run.” !!

If they continue to score like they are, I don’t expect to see them next year. Enjoy them while you can.

Indirectly it may help Musselman not having to decide whether to play 8 or 10 next year. Moody will be a quicker Jones. I don’t see another Joe on the roster.

Jones will not get drafted. I would be shocked to see him leave early (been shocked before).

I see him going to Europe or G League. He is getting noticed.

From what I understand from people around them right now, I would not bet against both being back next season.

Isaiah is obviously being mentioned in mock drafts and will certainly check that out, but it is not a given that he will go.

There’s also been no indication that Mason is planning on leaving after this season.

His stock is rising and another year might get him to where he wants to go. I can’t believe that would be Europe.

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You know I disagree on this. I think Mason is better than Joe. Also, think both still have tremendous upside. I can see both playing in the league.

Now, as for this year, I’m not sure either leave, but I bet both enter their names to get evaluated, and both get favorable responses.

Right now, I believe Joe is the better NBA prospect. Right now, Jones is the better all around college player. They both have to improve various parts of their game if they want to be impact players in the NBA. Neither will be a “star” in the NBA unless they improve greatly from where they are now.

IMO, Jones could get good NBA minutes quicker than Joe if he can have another off season jump in his athleticism, especially his hops. He also will have to prove he can cut down on turnovers the rest of this season and next season.

IMO, Joe has to get stronger, develop a pull up mid-range shot, and finish through contact at the rim. Joe does NOT need to tweak his 3 point shot, as it’s nearly perfect. Just keep shooting lots and lots of shots daily to improve consistency.

I hope they both have very good NBA careers.

That would be outstanding, but I’m also a non-believer.

I talked to a couple of former coaches who think Jones and Joe are pros. They know the NBA scouts who are coming to Arkansas games. They know they wouldn’t be there unless there were high draft potential on the court. And, that’s potential for this season, not next.

I don’t think anything has been decided. If I were to guess, I say Joe will be back.

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I agree with this part; not sure about the favorable response part.

I don’t necessarily disagree with you. I have been thinking Jones today is a better pro prospect than Joe because of his well rounded game. Joe definitely has more upside, no question about that.

I had a qualifier to my statement. I said “ if they keep scoring like they are”. These two have been talked about on ESPN and getting a lot of attention. Of course if they don’t keep this up, they will be back.

As far as hearing from people around them about what they are going to do, I think it is way too early for them to say anything about that. That would be too arrogant. They are going to be cautious. But I will be surprised if they are not thinking about it.

Both of them have a chance to be NBA players, but both need to get better. Jones has a better all-around game at this time, but Joe may have a higher ceiling. I don’t think either one of them are “can’t miss” players. We have seen this time after time…guys leave early and their careers never translate into NBA careers as they imagined.

The value of actually improving, staying in school and developing an NBA game is a rare thing these days. Coach Musselman has the experience and the background to be able to guide these guys to make a good decision for themselves.

Two more feathers in EM’s cap for recruiting. I pray we get to keep him for 10 years.