Insiders, watched enough defensive backfield yet?

I suppose it’s way too early to say that our secondary has improved, right? I know in scrimmage there were mostly short passes, but there sure seemed to be a lot of either missed tackles or wide open pass plays that resulted in good yardage or TDs.

So while we are cheering the passing game, can you also tell us your early thoughts on our new pass defense scheme and its success?

“Two silk worms had a race and ended up in a tie.”

There were sacks and lost yardage plays. So the scrimmage had some good defensive stuff, too. I didn’t see a lot of missed tackles. Where did you get that? Did someone say that from what they did Saturday? Or are you deducing that from something either me, Dudley or Scottie wrote?

What I can tell you is that the first defense didn’t give up a lot. The twos did.

Several missed tackles and long runs after passes were caught were reported about the scrimmage. I think they were the scrubs against scrubs.

Yes, that was the case with the threes.

Do Curtis and the redshirt CB from FL appear to be players?

I don’t think we have seen enough to fully evaluate the reserves yet, but I do feel the first group in the secondary is going to be better at each spot this season

The addition of Richardson would fortify that even more

I think what’s coming in the next recruiting class is going to be “juiceful” as well. Keep signing good defensive backs and before you know it, there will be a quality secondary. Speed is the key.

There is that “S” word again. Critical !

What’s the evaluation on Chevin??

Very talented. Learning the new system. I didn’t see him abused any. But I did not focus on him so much that I’d say I am convinced what he can or can’t do.

Watching defensive backfield play from the field level (where I watched Saturday) isn’t the way to figure out what’s going on in the secondary. I think you need to be high. I watched inside blocking scheme and QB play more than anything else. And at least half of the time, I couldn’t see what was happening in the secondary because I was behind the offense.

Remember, we are watching practice from field level. No scrimmages will be in the stadium this spring. I’ve hardly ever watched scrimmages from the field. No one does. But that’s what it is this spring with the stadium unavailable. It’s not an issue for the coaches. They are looking at tape shot from sky views 15 minutes after the practice. If there is someone who watched from the sideline or the end zone who tells you they have gotten clean evaluation of the players (aside from coaches looking at tape shot from elevation) in what we’ve seen so far, then they are far better than me.

I guess they don’t let you on the lifts to get a birds eye view (assuming they even have them out there)?

I wouldn’t get on those lifts. I’m scared of heights and it’s been windy at the practices I’ve attended. Anyone who goes up on those things must be young and doesn’t know any better.

A student videographer at Notre Dame got killed in 2010 when he was up in one of those things and it fell over. The Indiana occupational safety people fined the school $42,000 for safety violations. Winds that day in South Bend were gusting up to 52 mph.