Insiders was BB asked about kick off that was

At the end of regulation? Did I miss it ?

He clearly was upset with head bent over was he frustrated with the kick obviously to Turpin or with the coverage or all the above?

They thought about squibbing it but ultimately decided to kick deep. He mentioned Connor Limpert was 3-5 on kickoffs, so I’d assume that was one of the two that wasn’t good. There were also 3-4 non first-team kickoff team guys out there, including Devwah Whaley (only one he mentioned by name), who was in there for a cramping Ryan Pulley. Bielema said a few guys had a chance to get Turpin before the 25-yard line. Obviously that didn’t happen.

Interesting. You don’t think about needing depth on special teams, but clearly that seems to have been an issue Saturday.