Insiders: Wallace's Radio

Since the coaches made this public that B-Wall is wearing a radio in his helmet during practice I feel safe in asking if you know if this is a knowledge issue or a hearing issue?
Something has kept him from developing into the All-SEC players that his potential seemed to indicate. On the outside he seems to have everything that you would want.

No, it is a thing to help him get help from Coach Anderson.

Coach B and Coach Enos talked about how they have also used them with the quarterbacks and expect them to become part of the game like they are in the NFL now.

It’s something they use to remind him of the pre-snap keys and to recognize stance and alignment more quickly from the defense. They use it for other players, too. They mentioned it about Brian because it seems to have helped him. He hasn’t had it on in the last few practices and everything seems to have clicked.

Hell if they work that well, strap them puppies on all the players.