Insiders — thoughts on Chavis

We are reasonably sure it is him but we won’t know for certain till he walks in the door after the bowl game ? is that where we sit today?

What makes you “reasonably sure”, it’s Chavis?
I know his name has been mentioned a lot, but from what I’ve seen, it’s pure speculation.

He WAS good back in the '80’s, '90’s. Reminds me of back when Pittsburg Steelers dc was AWESOME back in the day. Now he’s been the dc for the Tennessee Titans for the past 2 or 3 years??? not so much In fact, they don’t know what the word play-offs mean. In my opinion a fireball defensive team needs a good, younger fireball throwing dc who can get 'em motivated, activated and regulated. I know Chavis was that back in the day and he’s still familiar with defensive play in the S E C . Makes you wonder why they don’t think he’s all that anymore at T A&M.

My thoughts exactly!

I’m just wondering what makes y’all think we could peel away a top DC from a top school??? I don’t want to hear well CCM said it in his press conference. That is what is called coach speak. Was he suppose to say I’m gonna bring the worse DC in the country???

While his name has been thrown around, I’m not sure it is a done deal.

But I am sure the bowls have slowed the coach being named