Insiders, this had to be the nail in the coffin

who will be the next coach of the Razorbacks. Honestly, were physically whooped up front by 4 freshman and a sophomore of a Sun Belt school.

Has to be.

The razorbacks may have won the game, but Bret certainly lost the game.

I’m guessing we will be saying Coach norvell next season, he honestly makes the most sense.

I agree, Mike. Mike Norvell wants the job. He is young enough to have the energy to build the program back to prominence and has Texas ties for recruiting. He has a high octane offense. He checks most of the boxes.

If those fans wearing sacks on their heads don’t convince Jeff Long nothing will. Barrett Jones, the former Bama center and tv color mam, was not pulling any punches about how bad we were. I agreed with him.

And yet we have people defending this BS and saying all that matters is we won. Anyone that disagrees is a TROLL. That’s a bunch of BS. A second string Coach, a second string Qb, and a line full of underclassmen beat the heck out of an SEC team today. But hey, the only thing that matters is a W. We should go hire their interim coach to replace Bert.

If there’s one thing I’m certain of, Jeff is an aware AD. He saw the stadium today, empty seats everywhere, on homecoming. There tickets for 3 bucks on stubhub…

He is also aware of the state of the fan base, that was a depressed crowd, not a whole lot of happy faces walking out. Relieved, yes, luckily we did not have the extra embarrassment of a loss, just the porformance.

He will do what needs to be done.

Ya’ll all need to settle down…I was told by an insider this week “I’m reaching” when I criticize our 11-26 SEC coach.

Quit reaching!

Norvell would be a homerun for us…brilliant offensive mind.

It was time for a change before this game and even if we win the next three Bielema needs to go. Hope we have Norvell, Frost or Campbell next year, hell I would take Kiffin or Malzhan over what we have now.

I’d take a cardboard cut out of Larry Culpepper over Mr. 11-26.

Seriously! :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s time,the change is needed and it needs to be done tomorrow

I am not against changing the head coach (not happy about it) but I wonder why everyone seems to want a great offensive guy like Norvell when defense is our major problem.

Brets a defensive guy, and that hasn’t worked out so well. We know offensive can work.

I don’t pretend to know what Jeff is thinking because he plays things close to the vest. But I’m sure he knows it won’t be well-received if Bret returns next year. He has to weigh the potential cost to fire a coach against the potential cost of not doing it. I do not think it is as easy of a decision as many want to believe.

As I’ve said several times, I do not think Arkansas will make a change before the regular season ends.

It is simply not true that our problems will be cured by hiring an offensive coach. The best teams in the SEC have really good defenses. A good offensive coach better have a good defense in this league, this is not the Big 12.

There are plenty of successful head coaches with a defensive background. The key is to be able to recruit to your strength and Arkansas has not done that well.

Not saying it won’t work, was just pointing out that Bret is a defensive guy.

We have seen the success we had with an offensive guy.

I agree it comes down to recruiting and development, first, then coaching. This staff hasn’t done well enough at any of them.

Norvell may be an excellent offensive coach, but DEFENSE wins in the SEC.

I’m trying to remember how many times our last brilliant offensive coach beat Bama. Oh yea, zero. You can just out score average teams, but to beat the top teams you need a good to great defense.

So the HC should have a great defensive coordinator, that would help.

These days you have to be able to score as well.

I think Norvell paired with a really good D.C. would be great.

I thought when bret was hired, we would have good defenses. He’s a defensive coach, was a D.C. , but it hasn’t translated so well.