Insiders-thanks so much for all the practice reports!

I’ve been dying for info and you guys are cranking it out this week, that’s why I pay for this site. thanks again!


Agree - thanks

I wrote on the Attack Drill last night, and I really wish you guys could see it in person. Guys are fighting like crazy, the whole team is into it, music is blaring in the background and De’Vion Warren is dancing between the runs. It’s fun to watch.

I saw Warren’s dance. I wasn’t impressed. My moves are better. Just kidding. He is wow.

In your article, not much about “Big Boise” ?

Didn’t see much from Nwana. As I mentioned in the thread above. He really lacks upper body strength. He needs some time in the weight room. He has speed and length, just needs a lot more strength.

Me and the wife wowed the crowd in a “twist” contest on a cruise a while back.

Something tells me you can do a mean twist…

I agree Clay I have seen some footage on Nwanna and he has got a ways to go as far as strength and Technique.I was hoping he could come in and play but knew it would an uphill battle for him…This OL has a long ways to go to being ready for SEC competition.