Insiders... so where are we?


Yes where the blank are we?

I’m in Searcy

That’s more information than we actually have on the coaching search.

If we don’t know anything then this is a positive. Last thing we need is leaks driving off coaches we might be interested in.

General I’m not too far from you out on Joy mountain. I suspect HY may have had a plan that resembles the transfers of our BB team the last few years. Kind of the way it goes sometimes. He may need to have a Plan D & F ! We still don’t know for sure who plan A really is.

General, Is there a big name coach in Searcy? :grinning::grinning::grinning:

As long as the AD stays air tight about the search, there is no way to really know what is the status on the search; chances are it will leak from somewhere else first. Yurachek’s close-to-the-vest approach is going to create a vacuum with a lot of speculation, but I think it is the correct way to conduct his business. I’ve said since Anderson was fired that I think a search could last until past the Final Four. Everyone wants an immediate answer, but sometimes job searches can take a while, and that’s OK.

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Raleigh NC right now chasing grandchildren

I checked … both Roy and Coach K appreciated the thought but have too much blue in their wardrobes to venture a change.

Yes it can take awhile, and sometimes that is ok, but sometimes it not

I just have a gut feeling that we are waiting to talk to Beard and make him say yay or nay…just a gut feeling though but a lot times they are right,will have to see.

What worries me is if we are waiting on Beard until next week, we are going to take the chance of someone hiring Musselman, if we are interested in him. Honestly I would be surprised if Beard would come

Your right Matt but the suspense is killing me …I guess Im just scared we will get another Heath or Pelfrey …Im goin to dream BIG how bout Billy Donovan !

I honestly think the only place Billy D leaves OKC for is Kentucky if/when that job finally opens up.

If the plane stopped in NLR gashog is still in play. Makes me wonder. He’s playing it closer to the vest than HY!


Dudley do u know if what Grant Hall said on the radio is correct about Musselman?

What did he say?

Something to the affect of “something in Musselman’s past has scared AR off, and AR has decided to move on”

Grant indicated that Yurachek was ready to hire Musselman yesterday but that some ‘powers’ stopped him.